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Recent content by Exhumis

  1. Exhumis

    Hello everyone

    Lol welcome from Northern Virginia. We’re a hyper vigilant group here, only rivaled by little old ladies in rocking chairs and small yappy dogs.
  2. Exhumis

    Jokes and Memes - NO POLITICS

  3. Exhumis


    I use one in my hunting truck to get rid of odor in my truck. I’ll also use one in my gear bag midway through season to ge tiny clothes scent free so I don’t have to wash them. Be careful tho they rek elastic with a quickness.
  4. Exhumis

    Dryer cleaning

    You should be fine running the towels first. Ozone prolly wouldn’t hurt but make sure it’s all evacuated before you throw your clothes in as it’s hard on elastics.
  5. Exhumis

    Jokes and Memes - NO POLITICS

  6. Exhumis

    What's going on at AeroHunter?

    Dunno. Also from Sophia: The good news for Aero Hunter's team is that each member is super qualified for a variety of skilled work. They're already looking and seeing good prospects. It seems this sad change will not hurt them for long. Thanks for your praise and good wishes. So it seems like...
  7. Exhumis

    New Scentlok BE:1 Reactor windproof jacket and pant, XL jacket L pant - $200TYD

    Jacket is still in the plastic wrap, pants the tag got ripped off but are new unworn. Pants are meant to be worn as a layer, jacket can be worn by itself or as a layer. Realtree escape pattern Edit: a few more details, jacket is 60g of primaloft silver throughout entire jacket. Pants are I...
  8. Exhumis

    New SC member, New hunter. and New to heights

    Welcome from Northern Virginia. Lots of into here.
  9. Exhumis

    What's going on at AeroHunter?

    Well folks I’d say this is pretty definitive: From Aerohunter, Hi Shayne, We are closing our production shop and soon will be closing our doors. It's time for our founder to retire after 38 years. We do have some products available and will be offering them at closeout prices by next week. Check...
  10. Exhumis

    What vanes are you shooting?

    This is timely as I’m having new arrows built. I too used to run stealths. What do you like about the TACs? What’s your arrow length? I’m looking at longer vanes for better/quicker stability.
  11. Exhumis


    In order to create a sales post or reply you have to be a paid member. The classifieds section clearly states that at the top of the page: https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/to-create-a-post-or-reply-in-the-classifieds-forum.22932/ If you are new to the site it’s customary to...
  12. Exhumis

    Whos had more saddle hunting influence?

    John I’d say is the grand daddy of saddle hunting for sure but how about them boys over on The Hunting Public? How are we defining influence? Impact, or spreading the gospel?
  13. Exhumis

    Deer Sh!ts?

    Not necessarily if the bacteria was spore forming or if the meat was temperature abused and toxins formed. But knowing it was just that one person it most probably isn’t an illness. Like others have mentioned could just be intolerance to venison. Better eat it all, it’s better to be safe than...
  14. Exhumis

    Deer Sh!ts?

    Yes that’s correct.