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Recent content by Gumbymedic

  1. Gumbymedic

    New Member From NC!

    Welcome from Toledo, Ohio!
  2. Gumbymedic

    New guy from Kentucky

    Welcome from Toledo, Ohio!
  3. Gumbymedic

    New from Mpls, MN

    Welcome from Toledo, Ohio!
  4. Gumbymedic

    Grateful New Member From VA

    Welcome from Toledo, Ohio!
  5. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    Thanks for the tips! I'm looking forward to the ride. I was really thinking about going south but the 95° day in Texas and the 50 mph wind gusts(that may be exaggerated but I got blown into the opposite lane more than once) in New Mexico made me think twice.
  6. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    Yup. I think I'm going to go home that way. I can't be this close to the Black Hills and not ride through again. So I think the plan is the Black Hills, North Dakota through Bismark and Fargo, on to Duluth, across the UP, across the Macinac Bridge, and maybe the east side of Michigan this time...
  7. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    Made it to Colorado Springs safe and sound. 5 days, 10 states, 2240 miles, averaged 448 mi/day. Thanks for the suggestions. In fact, I'm looking for any suggestions for the route home which is TBD at this point.
  8. Gumbymedic

    2 blade, 3 arrow strap on quiver

    Got the pictures and the quiver is beautiful. I'm looking for a black quiver...I should have led with that. Bump for a really nice quiver.
  9. Gumbymedic

    Hello from Northeast Tennessee!

    Welcome from Toledo, Ohio!
  10. Gumbymedic

    Hello from Middle Tennessee

    Welcome from Toledo, Ohio! I just rode through LBL Tuesday. What a nice ride, the weather was perfect but they had the bison/elk prairie shut down. I guess they don't want any bison getting Corona :mask:
  11. Gumbymedic

    2 blade, 3 arrow strap on quiver

    PM sent
  12. Gumbymedic

    2 blade, 3 arrow strap on quiver

    I'm looking for a traditional quiver, pics?
  13. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    I went through the Land Between the Lakes today...pretty ride. I stopped at Graceland because I didn't know of anything else to do in Memphis. And now I am in Tunica, Mississippi. Still have a long way to go. I seem a to be averaging about 400 miles/day so far. There's a new KING at Graceland!
  14. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    I'm not sure if I'll get to see Doc Holliday's grave but I did see Wild Bill Hickok's and of course Calamity Jane's graves In Deadwood.
  15. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    Navy also. AW2 (NAC,SW) I was an SH-60 helicopter Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator/rescue swimmer stationed on board the USS Normandy CG-60 for Desert Shield, Desert Storm and then the USS Carr FFG-52 for whatever operation came after that.