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Recent content by James W

  1. J

    Hit the mark...18.5% FOC

    I’m shooting a day six 275 spine with 100 gr outsert and 125 head. Arrow is 3 fletched with wrap. Pulling 72 lbs with 29.5” draw. 267 FPS arrow weighs in at 615. Arrow is cut to 29”. I’ve shot the 125 gr iron will wide vented and the 125 gr solid and they both shoot excellent out to 50yds...
  2. J

    Moultrie WV 6000, anyone?

    I run 4 of them. I have had no problems with any of mine. I use them year round for pig hunting. I’ve dealt with customer service a couple times about an over charge and swapping my plan from a camera that grew legs. Each time was no issue.
  3. J

    Nice Ga. boar

    My best boar as far as cutters go. Too bad one side was broken off. Thank God for lift gates!!
  4. J

    .22wmr for pigs

    Plenty of them here in mid Georgia. If I get them showing up in daylight I take the bow. Otherwise thermals come into play. Got my pb boar 2 weeks ago.
  5. J

    What’s your camping setups for DIY hunts

    Couple pics of rig I put together couple years ago. I love it. Especially in the mountains.
  6. J

    Painted my Hawk Helium Steps

    Painted my platform and hard hat this afternoon. Hope hard hat opens up a few conversations and maybe open a few doors on some urban hunting opportunities!!!