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Recent content by Jimdude

  1. Jimdude

    Thick cover questions

    I guess I’m scared to stink up the bedding areas and have the deer move out to an unknown location. My season is over till January. Maybe I should go poke around now.
  2. Jimdude

    Thick cover questions

    Fantastic questions and I’m glad you asked because I’m following this one! I have been hunting trails, pinch points,and such that look good to me but obviously not to deer. I have had some luck but I’ve had too many deerless days even during rut. This year I started hunting the edge of thick...
  3. Jimdude

    Our Community

    I can’t ever get over what a great group of folks comprise this SH site. It occasionally sucks when we get in heated debates about heavy vs light or mechanical vs fixed but that’s just human nature. At the end of the day, we all make nice and enjoy each other’s company. Hat’s off to you all
  4. Jimdude

    Best bow strings

    You will get a million opinions on this one! I like Mike at catfish custom strings. Good dude and he makes whatever you want and it’s usually at my house within a week It’s a Ford, Chevy, Dodge type of question. I say Toyota!
  5. Jimdude

    What vanes are you shooting?

    I just started using zingers for about a month now. I truly enjoy building and fletching arrows but I was curious about them for a while and decided to try ‘em. I’m impressed so far. The Iron Will SB is flying great out to 30 which is as far as I’ve shot it yet. Haven’t tested the IW wides yet...
  6. Jimdude

    School me on pre-sets

    +1 on this advice. I will leave my rappel rope in the tree overnight if I plan on coming back in the morning, but that’s it. Squirrels will chew straps and rope. The sun and rain will also breakdown straps. Even when I used ladder stands, I always inspected the straps.
  7. Jimdude

    ESS questions…

    Valid point. The only thing that bothers me about that is it’s more likely to bump the stick while climbing. Otherwise I feel safe and comfortable with it.
  8. Jimdude

    ESS questions…

    I have no clue why you would say that. I had a latitude method 2 with the panel management straps and it was the same or possibly not as good as the ESS. It’s a, don’t knock it till you try it kind of thing. I’ve had zero scares one sticking with it.
  9. Jimdude

    ESS questions…

    Are you talking about your wraptor or you made an ESS?
  10. Jimdude

    ESS questions…

    When you run the tether high the D rings settle higher which puts more pressure on your back. It’s fine while you climb but one at hight you’ll want more of that pressure on your bottom. I’ve actually been thinking about cutting my D rings off and sewing some webbing around it and make it like a...
  11. Jimdude

    ESS questions…

    I run it low with the ESS. Probably around shoulder hight.
  12. Jimdude

    ESS questions…

    I run a pouch stuffed with heavy stuff on one side and 30’ of canyon elite in a roll pouch on the other. No problems. I also one stick with no problems. I do however have an adjustable amsteel bridge which I can easily shorten for one sticking. The biggest problem with it is panel management...
  13. Jimdude

    New From SE PA

    Welcome from New Jersey!
  14. Jimdude

    Pant color in the field, which do you choose?

    Don’t forget that deer are almost color blind. It’s all about the color spectrum. They see the blue family and green family well. Gray may stick out in the field to humans but probably not to deer. Heck even hunter orange looks like gray to them. I say buy what you like, just stay away from blue
  15. Jimdude

    Single bevel broadheads

    You should check out John Lusk’s videos on the IW SB. that will answer your question