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Recent content by KYdalton

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    Thanks, I appreciate it guys.
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    Yeah it's been almost two full seasons of trying to get one with a bow. I have had dozens of opportunities to kill does just always waited for a buck and I told myself I was just going to take whatever came the other day. It feels great, kind of like a weight has been lifted and has given me...
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    I've hunted hard all year for a buck but decided I was tired of watching does so I let into one. First archery kill!
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    Just purchased a new cruzr xc!

    Like I said I just ordered mine yesterday but I upgraded the buckle and the bridge. Can't wait to try it out. Anyone interested in buying my mantis?
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    Just purchased a new cruzr xc!

    Does the saddle come with it's own bag or do you buy it seperate?
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    Just purchased a new cruzr xc!

    No issues really just heard people complain about all the material and what not wearing it walking in but like I said I can deal with that for a whole lot more comfort
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    Just purchased a new cruzr xc!

    Ordered a new saddle today, so excited. I've been hunting out of the mantis for two seasons now and I knew in the back of my head the whole time there had to be something more comfortable and from everything I've read the "xc" is just that! If any ok ne has experience with this saddle please...
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    What bow are you shooting this year, 2020?

    Shooting a mathews sq2 solo cam, bow is 18 years old but I love it!
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    Hello from Kentucky!

    Welcome from Pulaski County
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    Bow Sights, Whatcha Got?

    Trophy Ridge react H4. I strictly hunt for whitetail and I couldn't be happier with this sight. The react tech is everything they say it is and for $100 bucks you can't beat it
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    NEVER hunt a south wind???

    Prevailing wind here in KY is SW
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    Do I “Need” a New Bow?

    I got into hunting late into the game (3 years ago) and I don't shy away from a challenge so I decided to take up archery once I started looking at bows I couldn't believe the prices. New compounds bows often alot more expensive than a hunting rifle. I decided to buy used. I ended buying a...
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    Who is Allowed to Hunt Deer on Sundays?

    Ky is open
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    Solo scout platform

    It moves alot when you give it any sort of side pressure
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    Solo scout platform

    Tonight I'm using this cheap platform I paid $85 for. It came from Russia lol Not sure what I think about it