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Recent content by Matki15

  1. Matki15

    Save your money on “Scent Control”

    Trapping lures, believe they have skunk essence in them so they’re pretty strong smelling
  2. Matki15

    D Loop Replacement

    I’ve done it a few times drawing back on a target, except it was a metal d loop. Dang thing never stayed tight on the string
  3. Matki15

    D Loop Replacement

    It’s definitely worth replacing it, I’d hate for you to be drawing back on a big one only to end up punching yourself in the face when the d loop breaks
  4. Matki15

    Real Mobile Hunting

    I hunt 2 hours away in another state and what’s worked for me to help get on good bucks is finding good looking spots with cyber scouting and just hanging a camera there for the whole season. I might throw a sit or two at these spots the first time I find them but after season is over I go...
  5. Matki15

    Bucket Contest Smack Talk Thread

    Rules never said the bucket had to be on the ground right? 15 feet of pvc with a few ratchet straps and I’ve got the ultimate huntin bucket
  6. Matki15

    Predator camo

    Great eye! Probably going to end up snagging those
  7. Matki15

    Predator camo

    Does anyone know if and when predator restocks their clothing? Having a hard time finding pants in spring green that aren’t 2xl or 3xl
  8. Matki15

    Predator camo

    @phatkaw so it’s obvious you’ve got a lot of experience with this camo pattern, do you use fall brown during early season and if so do you think spring green would do any better?
  9. Matki15

    Trad Bow Rest?

    I’m no where near being proficient at setting up or tuning recurves but an old timer I know taught me to use those little stick on felt feet for furniture legs. You can start with a full size one and trim it down to get proper arrow flight (at least he was able to get proper arrow flight, I’m...
  10. Matki15

    Stick + steps system

    I mix methods occasionally, I mainly run 6 primal steps but for my first step I use a Cranford rope step with a 3 step aider. I started doing that because the straps on my primals are sometimes too short to run around the base of the tree so a cranford at 5 feet let’s me get the first primal...
  11. Matki15

    Predator camo

    Love the look of fall grey but around here it’s mostly pines and the oaks don’t lose leaves until December. I feel like the spring green would hide a little better
  12. Matki15

    Predator camo

    That’s the main reason I’m looking to switch, my buddy was going through pictures he took during last hunting season and one was me up a tree about 30 yards away and I looked like one big blob
  13. Matki15

    Predator camo

    Does day one have any lighter weight clothing options? I took a quick look and the thinnest I saw was cotton. Mostly looking to use this in early bow season when it’s 90° outside
  14. Matki15

    Predator camo

    Anyone here use predator camo, specifically spring green? I’ve always used original bottomland but after seeing a few field photos it looks like predator camo blends in better. There doesn’t seem to be too many companies selling clothing in this pattern so I’m looking for advice on what company...
  15. Matki15

    Moccasins for hunting?

    Gotta at least make sure the ones you get match the bow and the saddle…