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Recent content by Matki15

  1. Matki15

    Anyone use their platform as a chair for hunting

    Glad someone got some teal this weekend! Tried a piece of public close to the house and it was dead. Out of 20 hunters we heard maybe 5 shots the whole morning. Had a small group buzz us before shooting light but other than that we didn’t see much, was sort of expecting it due to the water level...
  2. Matki15

    Anyone else dislike the arrow wraps...

    Personally I like simple, bright colored wraps. I just order sheets of whatever color vinyl I want off amazon and use one of those office paper cutters to cut it to size. One roll of vinyl might make me 4-5 dozen wraps
  3. Matki15

    Heavy Arrows

    I’m having the same problem with my pin gaps, except mine is between my 30 and 40 yard pin. My 30 with heavy arrows was only about an inch lower than my normal arrows but my 40 is a good 6 inches. Sitting about where my 50 yard pin used to be
  4. Matki15

    35 whelen questions

    Do you have an estimate of the drop when zeroed at 100 yards? All charts I find are for a 200 yard zero
  5. Matki15

    Big Ole' Alligator

    May be just me, but gator and frog both taste basically like a fishy chicken. In a good way though
  6. Matki15

    35 whelen questions

    Definitely expecting some recoil, if it turns out to be a bit too much to handle I plan on adding a muzzle brake
  7. Matki15

    35 whelen questions

    Who here uses a 35 whelen? Picked up a CVA a few days ago and just curious what everyone’s experience with this cartridge is. Any bullet recommendations? Has anyone shot this round past 150 yards and if so how far does the bullet drop?
  8. Matki15

    Duck dog name ideas

    Hey now, some of the best duck and deer tracking dogs have been chocolates
  9. Matki15

    Duck dog name ideas

    What do y’all think of Roo (short for rougarou)? Kinda make sense for a dog who’s gonna be in the swamps all the time to names after a swamp monster
  10. Matki15

    Duck dog name ideas

    I thought about that, but a friend of mine has a female chocolate named that and they would be together pretty often
  11. Matki15

    Duck dog name ideas

    Well I’ll be picking up this good looking fellow in the next few weeks, but having trouble trying to figure out a good name for him. Any ideas? Trying to stay away from the usual lab names (drake, gauge, Remington, etc)
  12. Matki15

    Bow section

    Deer setup:Mathews z7 magnum with 5 pin IQ bow sight and QAD ultrarest Hog setup: PSE Bowmadness XP with 5 pin trophy ridge, QAD ultrarest, and NAP stabilizer light PSE was my only bow for hunting but got a smoking deal on the Mathews. Bought from a friend who only took it out to hunt maybe 2-3...
  13. Matki15

    Aiders on Strap on Step

    Packability is great, even the bulky cranfords all fit in a fanny pack. I’ll admit I do like using sticks every now and then, sometimes I’m fine dealing with the extra weight just for the ease of use
  14. Matki15

    Aiders on Strap on Step

    I personally use cranford rope steps and often use a 3 step aider on the lowest step to get some extra height. This year will probably end up using a knaider on some diy strap on steps to get 3-4 feet per step. A thread covered the knaider technique, can’t remember the link or who wrote it though
  15. Matki15

    Amsteel for tree stands

    I dont plan on leaving this stand in a tree, just going to hang and hunt on some spots I have where a saddle works but isn’t ideal