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Recent content by MattMan81

  1. MattMan81

    Stealthy, which method?

    I think every one has an advantage and is stealthy if practiced. I'm think I'm gonna end up in the rope climbing camp my self soon. But only down fall to the rope is the throw ball. Unless you have a pre set.
  2. MattMan81

    Anyone sight their bow from elevation?

    If your new to saddle hunting, shooting your bow from it may make you do something different. I was shooting high when I practiced. Not because my sight was off, but because I adjusted my anchor. If you arrows are flying true, they should be close. I recommend you practice both. How ever you...
  3. MattMan81

    What is the quickest, lightest, and most affordable climbing method?

    MRS with a pre set cord. Or JRB. If they are bigger oak. Those are the trees I like to hunt. To big to get your arms around to one stick or 2tc. Generally will have good branches up high. If not drill holes and use bolts. If it's a strait, limb less climb 1 stick could be efficient.
  4. MattMan81

    WTT Predator Gen 2 for Wild Edge Steps close

    Please add close to headline if you sold it
  5. MattMan81

    What is the quickest, lightest, and most affordable climbing method?

    Qualify the question.. public? Private? Hill county? Midwest west flat land? Seems one method could be faster in different area. Spurs and a LB could be fastest if it's legal.
  6. MattMan81

    Laser cutting service/Design work

    Have you checked any of your local blacksmith welding shops? We had a local company draw up, and building a design for us at work. They have all kinds of fun stuff they play with.
  7. MattMan81

    Laser cutting service/Design work

  8. MattMan81

    Controlled burn gone wrong

    Just curious. Not an insurance person. But seems you would need a separate rider or coverage for starting a fire like that. I could totally see the insurance company saying it's not an accident since he started the fire. (I didn't watch it so assuming). I know listing to the the THP friend who...
  9. MattMan81

    WLR Hitch Discussion

    Did you try it on a bigger rope? You got me concerned now. I'm gonna use either my predator rope or that blue moon I ordered. 11mm. But I weigh a little more than you, and worried about them jamming now. As far as the cord, is the lengths the same? If I tie to one should I be able to tie the...
  10. MattMan81

    WLR Hitch Discussion

    What rope were you running for your jrb system that they were binding?
  11. MattMan81

    Score of the day!

    I picked up a wild edge step last December.
  12. MattMan81

    The JRB Climbing Method

    My hitch cord is suppose to be here today. Plan To tie some jrb hitches. I know the michoacan works well for me on the MRS. If I can find time to play with other options I will. But if they work I will probably stick with it at this point.
  13. MattMan81

    Right handed 3 o'clock shot

    This move can only be performed with Crocs. FYI.
  14. MattMan81

    Bear Archery (THP Adapt)

    So you can adjust the cam for length then. No special tool or Different block.
  15. MattMan81

    Bear Archery (THP Adapt)

    I see that. Saw the hang tag he has says set to 29. So do you need a different module to adjust it? Or can you do it your self.