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Recent content by Mopar1169

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    New Ravin Crossbows - 500FPS with Electric Cocking and a New "Vertical" Crossbow

    I love my r26 too but I change my string and cables every year on it just to be on the safe side. That little thing is pretty abusive on the cables check them really close where they go through the cams. I picked up one of those Ravin presses on sale and do them myself.
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    Best Single Bevel Broadhead

    Tuffhead evolution are some nice heads.
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    DIY or Beast Sticks

    Beast sticks. Take your choice minis or full size both are great.
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    I like it, I went out sent a few arrows through the new bow. It is not the tightest group in the world. 20 yards 5 arrows. But it has been 22 years since I have touched a compound. This is only my 3rd time shooting my new bow and I don't have a anchor on the string yet just d loop. Anyways...
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    I just pulled my peep the other night and installed the ezv. Gonna give it a try. Should work fine farthest I am gonna shoot is 40 yards anyways.
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    Ordered a Dryad Drey Yesterday!

    I have been super busy lately haven't had time to put it through its paces yet. Only sat in it once so far. It definitely has some things going for it. As far as wind noise I don't think it will be bad at all the fabric is under tension so it shouldn't flap. When I get some time I will figure...
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    First time tether slipping (latitude outdoors)

    You can use a ct rollinlock or kong duck on 8mm. I like the ct's myself but probably nothing wrong with the duck either. I am also playing around with a Kong slyde. Still testing that out so don't have a opinion on it yet. I am using this rope with it...
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    Adding Weight to Crossbolts

    I finally finished building my bolts. 110 gr insert, 200 grain head, 18" Sirius Phoenix bolt. Finished weight is 517.5 grains. Now just gotta change my strings and cables on the r26 and hopefully my oracle x shows sometime so I can start shooting.
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    Ordered a Dryad Drey Yesterday!

    Man you are braver then me, I am not doing crap in this heat besides drinking a ice cold beer after working all day.
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    Latitude Classic 2!!!!!!

    Here you go this is the knot just make sure you tie a stopper.
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    Tuffhead and Sirius

    I would get ahold of them maybe something got messed up in there system. I got mine a while ago. Think it was march or April when I got them.
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    Tuffhead and Sirius

    Can't ask for a much better setup Sirius shafts, ethics inserts and tuffhead broad heads.
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    Ordered a Dryad Drey Yesterday!

    Yeah I could, but I run my tether pretty low and there isn't much room between my rollinlock and the tree unless I shorten my bridge up a bunch. I will give it a try next time I am out see how it goes.
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    Ordered a Dryad Drey Yesterday!

    Total brain fart I guess I could just use my linesman belt as a secondary tether. Instead of carrying a third rope. Do some more messing around when I get some more time.