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Recent content by Muskyhunter

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    Recon leg loops

    Thank you for the reply. This helps alot. I would agree if you want leg loops they should be weight bearing. It is a great saddle. I sold it in Favor of the ESS only because I need to run a second bridge when using my HBS.
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    Recon leg loops

    Can someone please post a picture of how the leg loops attach to the saddle. I do not use them so when I got the saddle I removed them without paying attention. I just sold it to a friend and he would like them on.
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    Kong duck, carabiner and stealth strip

    I just got a kong duck. The fit between the duck and the carabiner makes some metalic sounds. Has anyone stealth striped one or the other? If so which one and why?
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    Short bridge, low tether and ROS

    Thanks for the replies. Some good info here for me to think about.
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    Short bridge, low tether and ROS

    I am right handed. On my 20 inch practice tree I need to have squirrel steps at 9, 11 and 3. With this set up I can get from 6 to 10 and from 2 to 3 on the scout. If I use the 9 and 11 squirrel steps I can get from 10 to 2. If I use the 3 squirrel step and scout I can get 3 to 6. Is it a...
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    Short bridge, low tether and ROS

    I recently bought an ESS Saddle. I am a top of stick scout platform, plus 2-3 squirrel steps bow hunter. I have had the ESS for about a month now and have been playing around with my set up. The ESS has eliminated hip pinch which has allowed me to run a 12 inch total length bridge. I have been...
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    LWCG Ghost harness

    Anybody know if lwcg is going to make the ghost harness? I have not heard anything about it for about a year now.
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    Could use some info on prusiks

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    Could use some info on prusiks

    Since you are ordering from EWO email them or use the chat function. They will get you all set up. The rule of thumb is the diameter of your prusik should be 60-80 percent of your main line.
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    Who's not using a pack and just pouching everything?

    I loved having my dump pouches attached to my saddle when climbing and attaching my ROS. I hated hunting with the dump pouches attached to my saddle. My solution was a battle belt, EWO linemans belt and suspenders. I climb and utilize the battle belt just like I would with a saddle and dump...
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    Questions for classified users

    What is the preferred way to send a payment to and recieve a payment from someone else. I was thinking about starting a PayPal account? Let me know what you all are using. Thanks in advance.
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    sold please close

    Would you be interested in a gen 2 predator platform? I only used it 6 times.
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    Cobra buckle tag end

    I have a set of these. Never thought of that. I will give it a try. Thanks for the reply.
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    Just got my new recon

    If you are "not" using the molle webbing leave the plates as they come. The panel without the molle webbing will become your top panel. The panel with the molle webbing will become your bottom panel. What is nice about using it this way is you can adjust the bottom panel by grabbing the linemans...
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    Cobra buckle tag end

    Perfect. Thank you for the reply.