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Recent content by ofor

  1. ofor

    Did I get bamboozled?

    I read an article today (I think it was linked on FB) that claimed processors were seeing deer with 15x more (15lbs instead of 15oz) tallow this year compared to previous years. If it was a pre-rut deer, maybe it had excessive tallow weight that pushed up the dresses weight. The article was...
  2. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    Congrats! Good looking doe.
  3. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    My season lasts until end of January so I still hope to contribute some points. I shot a doe in January last year
  4. ofor

    What did you buy over Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday that is saddle related?

    I ordered a Marsupial chest harness pack for my binos. They had a 10% off Black Friday sale.
  5. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    Got out in the woods this afternoon for some of God’s therapy and hopefully a doe since I burned my gun buck tag last weekend on a coyote ravaged big buck for rattling antlers. At 3:00, a group of guys did a drive on the piece I was sitting in. They didn’t jump anything so I packed up and...
  6. ofor

    Some love for Outdoors Made Agile saddle

    I saw a post on FB from Tyler that said they are making a few changes to it after using it all season so they will be coming out with a new version. He didn’t mention any specifics.
  7. ofor

    Cruzr XC vs TX5 Lonestar

    I have a CRUZR XC and a TX5 Lonestar and the XC is my go to. I actually like the bigger pleat as compared to the post above. Evidence that there is always personal preference when it comes to saddles and asking for recommendations. Both are really good rigs. Both are well made. Both...
  8. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    Sorry guys, I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. Dealing with a family tragedy and that has been taking priority. Maybe posting here will help with my healing since I consider many in this community like family. Without sharing too many details, my younger sister was found dead in her...
  9. ofor

    Howdy from the frozen tundra!

    Welcome from SE WI
  10. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    I only managed to get out for one sit last weekend. 40-50mph winds so I set up on the ground tethered to a pine tree while sitting on my stack of climbing sticks. Sat for a while and still hunted for a while. Glad I wasn’t in the big timber because I heard several trees come down not far...
  11. ofor

    Cruzr Mini Seeker platform?

    Mine weighs in at 3lb 4.9oz without the strap and 3lb 12.2oz with the strap
  12. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    Congrats! I agree, nothing like being up close like that and getting it done.
  13. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    Put in sits on Friday night, Saturday morning and evening and this morning. Had one blowing at me while I packed up in the dark Saturday night. Just didn’t close the distance before last light. I’ve been getting some good ones on camera but all the activity since last Tuesday has been after...
  14. ofor

    Team 7 Thread

    Snuck into a bedding area yesterday afternoon that I have killed a couple small bucks in this time of year in years past. Had 2 come in at 5:50 paralleling me in some thick boxwood brush. Needed the lead doe to take 3 more steps to clear the brush for a broadside 20 yard shot but she turned 90...
  15. ofor

    Saddle pain issue

    Give CRUZR a call and explain the issue you are having. They may have some other suggestions for you. They have great customer service