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Recent content by Old squirrel

  1. O

    Older guys

    73 next week, mostly drt and rappel, getting ready to try srt if my back holds up.
  2. O

    XL Rocky Bibs and Coat in Stratum Camo

    Waiting on size......... .
  3. O

    Dead ash tree platform squeak

    Why would you climb dead trees?
  4. O

    single sticking tricks to lessen tether slack and/or use a linemans?

    When you rappelling down do you disconnect roll n lock and bring distal down with you?
  5. O

    Thinking about getting into saddle hunting

    You're a middle aged squirrel, go for it! Great group here, you will get all the help you want.
  6. O

    Continous Loop Question - Amsteel

    I think Greg on tetherd has some good vids.
  7. O

    Continous Loop Question - Amsteel

    A locked bummer is locked without burying ends. If he tied tag ends together he would have a locked brummel on that loop. Hard to explain, tons of videos on YouTube. Be safe!!!
  8. O

    Continous Loop Question - Amsteel

    Its exactly backwards when you pull on tag ends yours is locking.
  9. O

    Continous Loop Question - Amsteel

    You have your locks wrong, when you pull on loop it should stop not pull apart.
  10. O

    DIY aider

    Pex tubing
  11. O

    2 panel saddle

    I had to lengthen mine after Thanksgiving.
  12. O

    2 panel saddle

    I prefer the 2 panel so far, only hunted out of it twice.
  13. O

    2 panel saddle

    Looks good. Welcome to the rabbit hole!
  14. O

    Diy latitude

    That allowed for 5" overlap.