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Recent content by OspreyZB

  1. OspreyZB

    Bucket Contest Smack Talk Thread

    Pretty much.
  2. OspreyZB

    Bucket Contest Smack Talk Thread

  3. OspreyZB

    High end products you can't justify

    Shoulder mounts.
  4. OspreyZB

    Optimal hunting height?

    As low as cover will allow, for me.
  5. OspreyZB

    Poll - Do you think you’re going to be more or less successful this year over last?

    My shooting was horrendous last season. The doe I shot opening morning I hit back in the liver, she was still alive when I found her and required a follow up shot. The buck I shot in September I hit in the neck and was lucky to have cut off the wind pipe. Missed the same buck twice, once on...
  6. OspreyZB

    2021 "Huck it, I'mma Sit on My Bucket" Contest

    Make that 19... I'm down to get real schwifty
  7. OspreyZB

    Hiking Boots

    I buy Merrell's from Kohl's for like $30. Don't wear them hunting much but I wear them daily for work. With a little glue here and there I can usually get a year out of them.
  8. OspreyZB

    Mitch Rompola

    In response to KYHunter post #9
  9. OspreyZB

    Mitch Rompola

    Absolutely. I've picked up bits and pieces that I'll apply to my own hunting from each of the dozen bowhunters profiled in the book. Like Troy Pottenger said on the podcast mentioned above, I keep coming back to Mitch's chapter. He was (and probably still is) as fanatical as they come about...
  10. OspreyZB

    Mitch Rompola

    Highly recommend this book for anyone interested in Mitch and his hunting tactics.
  11. OspreyZB

    Whitetail Cribs

    That's a stacked line-up! Haven't watched much of the whitetail cribs series but will definitely check out Dan, Joe and Jared's episodes.
  12. OspreyZB


  13. OspreyZB

    How to "drop" a deer

    That shed looks like it's been laying there for a while. Maybe it's that same bucks antler from a couple years ago?
  14. OspreyZB

    Idea for rope storage

    Once you've got the hang of it, you could daisy chain a tether blindfolded in less than 30 seconds. Looks complicated at first glance, but there's nothing to it. Just pull tag end through loop and repeat.
  15. OspreyZB

    What did you do today?

    A little glassing before work this morning. Picked up a new to me spotting scope and it's going to be a "game changer" for long range study. I can make out every tiny detail down to the whiskers at 500+ yards.