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Recent content by rambotogo

  1. rambotogo

    What a difference

    Congratulations on losing the weight.
  2. rambotogo

    Writing letters for permission

    Don't put it off they can fix a lot of stuff, if they catch it early.
  3. rambotogo

    Boat advice

    I have a bunch of small boats ,kayaks, canoes,etc. Got a c -tug kayak cart to pull them along. Best money spent imho. Good luck
  4. rambotogo

    Does anyone hammock camp?

    Check out Hammock Forums.net lots of intel . Check out Shug Emery utube, he is the king of hammock camping.
  5. rambotogo

    What did you do today?

    Window weights , we have removed tons of them when upgrading clients windows .
  6. rambotogo

    Nutterbuster and Scooby-Doo

    Cool, did you go to the Walmart for rednecks ? [Bass pro]
  7. rambotogo

    Arrow help

    The 3 d shoots are a great place to gain some intel . Most shoots have a fair amount of single string shooters . There is a shoot somewhere most weekends in the SC upstate , Keowee bowman, Tab , Saluda to name a few . Good luck
  8. rambotogo

    Nutterbuster and Scooby-Doo

    Had one years ago it was a lemon ,but may have been just my dumb luck.
  9. rambotogo

    If you were a deer, what is the LAST state you would want to live in

    Four months of rifle bullets ,self proclaimed snipers on every power line and gas line right of way .
  10. rambotogo

    New straight wall off-season project, need input

    Hope this is not political ,but the in coming government has it sites on the AR stuff . May become very expensive to own one or to own one at all .
  11. rambotogo

    sort of new to hunting in general and could us some advice.

    Seems to have a lot of dead areas, but have seen some big rubs in there also .
  12. rambotogo

    sort of new to hunting in general and could us some advice.

    I hunt up the road from you in Union. The deer in the upstate are very hard to hunt . Good luck
  13. rambotogo

    Older guys

    One stick up rappel down . 60s
  14. rambotogo

    Another Safety Issue we don’t discuss much

    OFF subject, love that shirt.
  15. rambotogo

    Predator Cracked

    Man that sucks , hope they give you a replacement or your money back. Got a ridge runner for Christmas , it is built like a tank and is rock solid on the tree . Good luck