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Recent content by Rhinoblake

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    First Lite Merino base layers

    I bought my first FL set this season and went with the 350 furnace set. First, they are extremely comfortable. I put them to the test on a MO bow hunt. In the single digits they worked great. I will say I did not sit all day. I put them over my 150 weight merino from Black Ovis (which I also...
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    Onx app worth it?

    The number of websites that I have eliminated is unbelievable thanks to OnX and the information it provides. Now I still use Google Earth and CalTopo but only for fine tuning an area that I have marked on OnX. I can not wait to see how far this technology goes.
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    Georgia Opening Day Success-DIY

    Great job! Hard work paying off. That is good stuff
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    Scouting a week before the opener?

    I personally would show some caution since it is a specific buck and early in the season. I agree with the outside perimeter, observation type of set that others here have mentioned. That way you can get into a position to figure out his bedding, movement, food sources and put all the pieces...
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    Scouting and Critters

    Nice finds! It’s amazing to me how many critters you can find during summer scouting... good and bad haha
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    Typical Mature buck bed in South

    Great stuff, thank you for taking the time to inform
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    Greetings from East Tennessee

    Man I wish those days were back! That area is really close (as the crow flys) from where I grew up. Family mined all back in there. I would like to big game hunt back in there. Nothing about it is easy. Yes, KY is a different animal.
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    After just starting bow hunting the last couple of years I do not leave home without my skeeter cell. I was watching a buck tonight and the wafer started smoking really bad. I was thinking I was going to get busted with all the white smoke! He was too busy trying to rid the world of soy beans...
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    Greetings from East Tennessee

    Oh that is really cool! That is some pretty country up that way! I would like to do some deer hunting up there someday. I have stomped around after some grouse over towards the Cumberland Gap (back when grouse existed).
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    Mock Scrapes

    Great stuff guys! I have got to set up a few of these sites this weekend.
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    Greetings from East Tennessee

    Thank you guys for rolling out the welcome mat! I am originally from the sticks about two hours north of Knoxville right on the KY border. I know live an hour south of Knoxville.
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    Mock Scrapes

    Well done. Did you guys execute the mock scrapes in previously known transition/staffing areas?
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    The corn is coming down

    Noticed a corn field cut today in East TN
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    Greetings from East Tennessee

    First time poster long time reader. I have been following along since getting into the Eberhart books a couple of years ago. Looking forward to getting more involved as I dive into the saddle this year. Been addicted to whitetails for almost 5 years now. I see no cure in the near future. I...
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    My Style of Hunting By Mr. Warren Womack

    Thank you for putting Mr Womacks words into print. Great information right here.