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Recent content by Sgt. Beardface

  1. Sgt. Beardface

    CBE Single Pin

    Gonna be honest, and I may be off kilter on this, I don’t think any company is gonna build their sight to ship with tapes for your set-up. Between the short draw, lower poundage and heavy arrows, I’m guessing you bow speed is 210-ish FPS (which is more than enough). You may have to look into...
  2. Sgt. Beardface

    *SOLD *FS: Mathews NoCam HTR, 60#/28”, w/accessories

    Had a few too many beers, ordered a new bow, old one is now for sale. Mathews NoCam HTR, 60lb, 28”, 85% letoff. I bought it used and have had it about a year, shoots great, still kills. It is a bit slower. Currently have it with a Whisker Biscuit (just thrown on, not set for the bow), an...
  3. Sgt. Beardface

    The No-Shame Thread

    I went back to a climber this year. Saddle left me always thinking I was in the wrong place, wrong tree, wrong, direction, wrong saddle, wrong climbing method; when in all reality I was just the wrong a$$#0le in the wrong location. At least now it’s either ground/bucket, climber, or ladder...
  4. Sgt. Beardface

    **SOLD** FS: LWCG Sidekick

    Couldn’t get it where I wanted it on my climber.
  5. Sgt. Beardface

    *SOLD* FS: Trophy Ridge React Pro 1 pin dovetail, .019

    Thanks for pointing that out, didn’t even realize that I forgot to mention the lens.
  6. Sgt. Beardface

    *SOLD* FS: Trophy Ridge React Pro 1 pin dovetail, .019

    Gonna be honest, no idea. I actually never shot it with the lens. It will come with the lens though.
  7. Sgt. Beardface

    FS: G5 Expert Pro rest shot maybe 10 times.

    Bought it years ago. $35 TYD. Still operates flawlessly.
  8. Sgt. Beardface

    FS: EZV original I think?

    $90 obo
  9. Sgt. Beardface

    FS: Goldtip Airstrike 300s, 29” w/Zingers

    Bought these and built them for a bow I let go last year. 300 spine, 29” from end of half outsert to throat of knock. Goldtip stainless steel inserts. Never fletched, bought as raw shafts and used Zingers on them. Minor scratches from a PCS earlier this year, shown in pictures. They still bend...
  10. Sgt. Beardface

    WTB 100/125 grain Broadheads

    I have three 125 Kudu Contour + that I bought to test but never shot. I also have three 100 gr Muzzy ones, and three 125 gr Muzzy Ones that were bought for the same purpose. Not what you asked for but I do have four 125 gr Grim Reaper Hades Pros to. All this was bought so that I could build a...
  11. Sgt. Beardface

    Hamskea Trinity

    Had one. Was too much tinkering for me. Great rest, built like a tank, but just felt “too much” for me. Back at a G5 Expert Pro (circa 2011!!) and just as happy. By no means was any of the stuff a fault of the rest or the company, just me. I have to treat bows like science should treat...
  12. Sgt. Beardface

    ISO an EZV bow site.

    I have a Gen 1 that I am willing to let go for $100 obo. Works just like all the others just cheaper.
  13. Sgt. Beardface

    Dumbing down for the season

    I actually sold my saddle set up too. Went to the ground, portables, hang ons, presets, etc. still love this site tho…