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Recent content by slonstdy

  1. slonstdy

    Thiqq blackies

    My wife just slow cooked the ribs from the black bear I took last year and between those and the chipotle flavored brats I made earlier this year I said to my wife that I would be more than willing to give up hunting deer if I could shoot a bear each year. Keep the feeders right where they are...
  2. slonstdy

    Most common saddle hunter buzz words?

    "Where can I buy..." "What's the best..." "The shot placement was perfect BUT..." "Need help tracking..." "What am I doing wrong..."
  3. slonstdy

    Tree Stand vs Tree Saddle Debate - First Purchase

    Here's my thoughts and I'm playing devil's advocate but to answer question 1: Purchase option 1: Buying higher end tree steps is a big expense and weight penalty for the few minutes of use they get. So you want to hump in a stand and hope it's there when you return to hunt again? What happens...
  4. slonstdy

    June at my mineral site

    Glad to see the only type of two legged critters on there had feathers
  5. slonstdy

    Anyone need a 4th arrow arm n base

    187 You da man Bling!
  6. slonstdy

    How do you get your deer out. What kind of terrain?

    The design is similar to the Herters game cart that Cabelas sells. Made mine from 3/4" aluminum pipe conduit and a few pieces of 1" aluminum angle iron for some rigidity. Bent the pieces in a hydraulic pipe bender, welded it all up and slapped on a couple of 16" solid rubber tires. Tires work...
  7. slonstdy

    How do you get your deer out. What kind of terrain?

    Hunt the hillside behind my house, it's usually a short downhill drag but sometimes they run across the hillside in the wrong direction of course so I walk to the house and get the quad and trailer. When hunting places I drive to I have a homemade deer cart I throw in whatever vehicle I'm using...
  8. slonstdy

    New from upstate Ny

    Welcome to the party! Dutchess county here
  9. slonstdy

    Rappelling down tree.... parts?

    Just curious why you went with the figure 8 and not an ATC? I use an ATC with my 9mm HTP but am making the switch to Oplux. Does the figure 8 work better than the ATC on Oplux?
  10. slonstdy

    Retreiving Repelling Rope Rigmarole

    I found thee best place to hook your pull down rope is behind the knot you made to make the loop to girth hitch the rappel line around the tree. This way it pulls the loop down from the running line which also gets that same knot away from the tree and prevents it from getting trapped in crotches.
  11. slonstdy

    What boots are y’all wearing?

    I'm in the same boat, looking for a new pair of boots but I'm concerned about leaving scent with hiking style boots. I've been using rubber boots forever which helps reduce scent and I feel like if I switch to another type of boot I'd be taking a big hit in my scent elimination/reduction...
  12. slonstdy

    Community Saddle (Where's Sally?)

    It was my pleasure really and you deserve the in depth review, it's the least I could do! I've "tatted" her and am boxing her up now for her trip to Illinois to visit @rakbowhunter. She'll be dropped off at the post office tomorrow. I was unable to add my location to Sally's travel map (I'm...
  13. slonstdy

    Community Saddle (Where's Sally?)

    Sally showed up at my doorstep yesterday so we hung out for a bit. . . To be honest if I didn't already know that she was diy project you could have passed her off as a commercially made saddle and I wouldn't have doubted it. Very nice craftsmanship throughout, kudos @always89y! So after...
  14. slonstdy

    Community Saddle (Where's Sally?)

    I'm anxiously awaiting her arrival here in NY, I'll post when she arrives.