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Recent content by Teddy9871

  1. Teddy9871

    Left hand bear cruzer g2

    I bought this bow about 3 years ago, I've probably put 25 shots max through it. I would like to see it go to a youngster looking for their 1st bow. Only thing I ask is whoever claims it covers the shipping. Comes with the whisker biscuit, trufire release, 3 arrows and and I might be able to dig...
  2. Teddy9871

    Question on quiver

    I used a great northern strap on last year, I would take it off and hang it separately each hunt. Found out during after season shooting that I'm a lot more accurate and consistent with the quiver on. So this year I'll be hunting with it on
  3. Teddy9871

    LWCG The Fix

    Haven't seen it mentioned yet but those sharp edges are gone! The post feels so much better than past models
  4. Teddy9871

    Most popular or most controversial set up

    The glue on the tethrd ones made for good controversy
  5. Teddy9871

    Got my notification.....

    Here's a couple shots of my wrong handed thunderchild.
  6. Teddy9871

    Got my notification.....

    Awesome! Post some pictures when you get it. My big jims thunderchild should be here Monday also
  7. Teddy9871

    Eberlestock bandit SOLD

    Bump $100 tyd
  8. Teddy9871

    Madrock Safeguard in stock!

    Man I got on here at the right time
  9. Teddy9871

    Eberlestock bandit SOLD

    Bump, open to offers
  10. Teddy9871

    Eberlestock bandit SOLD

  11. Teddy9871

    Sitka tool belt SOLD

  12. Teddy9871

    Sitka tool belt SOLD

  13. Teddy9871

    Eberlestock bandit SOLD