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Recent content by thedutchtouch

  1. thedutchtouch

    Option for climbing platform

    I just hope it's not tethrd, and is instead one of the companies that prioritizes manufacturing and testing over profits. While still being profitable.
  2. thedutchtouch

    Hickory Creek Koolaid

    My understanding is that they can't be converted, it's righty or lefty. However you can just hold the trigger handle in the left hand and the sturrup with the right hand to shoot a right handed mini lefty. I haven't tried it much myself but seems pretty easy. I can't remember if it was Nick or...
  3. thedutchtouch

    Option for climbing platform

    27-33 lbs. Looks like millennium has a 29 lb version as well? https://millennium-outdoors.com/product/multivision/?v=7516fd43adaa
  4. thedutchtouch

    "I wish I knew how to quit you."

    Is it a good idea to walk around with it cocked with no arrow though? Sound alike a recipe for a dry fire (I know the mini has an anti dry fire, but it can get pushed down and "sticks" once it's down or at least mine seems to) Getting back to OP I was given some muck apex low tops three years...
  5. thedutchtouch

    Our Community

    Agreed. Thank you, this is a great group. Too many good people to risk forgetting one by tagging some, but it's true, lots of good people on here. Sure we scrap every once in a while, and sure there's probably some people that roll their eyes when they see my name (and there's a few I react to...
  6. thedutchtouch

    Don't knock it until you try it

    Someone over on rokslide was asking if anyone ate coyote on the regular. Seems like everyone's knocking it but a few are trying it, and they only try it once lol
  7. thedutchtouch

    Euro mount maceration thread

    I don't think the bacteria would do anything to the antlers (just like it doesn't do anything to the bone) but the water soak could theoretically lighten the antlers according to a bunch of AT and processor.com threads I read a while ago. Also some chances of dark stuff getting on them but that...
  8. thedutchtouch

    Euro mount maceration thread

    I did this sort of. I forgot about the skull for too long and it ended up a bit green due to algae growth but the maceration worked great lol. I'm going to order an aquarium heater to heat the bucket to 90 instead of just using ambient temps for the next one. Faster but smellier
  9. thedutchtouch

    Braided three 7/64 strands AS A BRIDGE???

    Just buy the adjustable bridge from cruzr or someone if you want an amsteel bridge (or build to similar specs if you're a DIY person), braiding a smaller diameter doesn't solve any problems in the right way and actually introduces some issues.
  10. thedutchtouch

    Team 2 BB - Bambi Blasters

    same here @sdorton.
  11. thedutchtouch

    Whos had more saddle hunting influence?

    so from reading this thead i now understand that the timberpimp contest was created to try to top @redsquirrel 's sequined leotards? interesting. not sure if i'm supposed to say "pics or it didn't happen" or not... but in all seriousness, i don't know enough about the history of the industry so...
  12. thedutchtouch

    Cheapest climbing rope source for long (90m) lengths if packability doesn't matter?

    Well I got it done without getting hurt or actually having to buy anything. After taking a few more good looks I tied my two rapell ropes together and just anchored both ends to the ground on opposite sides of the house and "hung" (meaning walked on the roof with my back to the edge) from...
  13. thedutchtouch

    help me decide deer rifle and caliber: 6.5 CrMo vs 270 Win and savage storm lightweight vs tikka t3x superlite

    Lol I was just editing that post to say the same but you caught me in the middle. He is more of an elk hunter and it was more of an AK/Western elk/caribou/blacktail/bear discussion than MD whitetail. My first Maryland gun will likely be a 350 legend since this is a straight wall state (mostly)
  14. thedutchtouch

    help me decide deer rifle and caliber: 6.5 CrMo vs 270 Win and savage storm lightweight vs tikka t3x superlite

    Same. My uncle (one of those 50+ guns and a always pick the bigger hammer kinda guys) reccomended a 30-06 as a good first/all around gun, but to be honest there's so many options I'm just trying to read as many threads like this as I can. 270 being lighter and flatter sounds good to me
  15. thedutchtouch

    help me decide deer rifle and caliber: 6.5 CrMo vs 270 Win and savage storm lightweight vs tikka t3x superlite

    I don't know a ton about guns to be honest, but those tikkas seem to be all the rage on rokslide in terms of accuracy for the price point. I'd likely go with the Tikka either way, but again... Somewhat ignorant newbie over here.