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Recent content by TNSTAAFL


    Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow

    Still stuck indoors with mine so limited ranges. Got the limbs maxed out and still no problem getting it drawn by hand. Shooting high pretty consistently but I'm keeping that for now as I imagine I will be in good shape at longer ranges. Wondering about freehand stability and curious about...

    Lonewolf Parts


    Any idea on 18” Beast stick weight?

    Just subtract whatever 4" of 1/8" 6061 square tubing with holes drilled in it weighs. Can't be much. I don't expect a significant weight drop. The benefit is in the packability, and perhaps in dealing with tree variability as mentioned in the video. Good to have options.

    Custom Stixs

    If it's not obvious that a variety of eyes are watching this forum now, ready to seize ideas for commercial use, I don't know what is. It's fine. No pot stirring intended here. Just a realistic observation.

    Craft Beer

    Left Fiddlehead off my previous Vermont list. Here is a delicious Hodad porter I'm currently imbibing.


    No problem. To get you started, the Knaider/Swaider is combination of climbing aiders, one for each leg, typically used in conjunction with Wild Edge steps. The Swaider is a longer aider that goes from foot to hip. The Knaider is a shorter aider that goes from foot to knee. They allow you to...

    Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow

    Some thoughts on my HCMIVC (we need more acronyms around here!): I moved the scope back to its farthest (from the front) spot on the rail. This improved the eye relief, or sight picture, or whatever the technical term is for seeing the full display through the scope really well. This allows my...


    Use the search feature. There are some key terms and acronym threads out there. Plus lots that cover individual items of interest. I know it can be daunting at first but half the fun/value of this place is in the digging and searching. You learn answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

    Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow

    Same here. Having a blast shooting it in my "indoor range". Can't wait for it to warm up so I can take it outside! I have no crossbow experience to compare it to, but this thing is light, handy, and fun!

    Craft Beer

    I'm not super picky, but IPAs & DIPAs tend to do it for me. Prefer New England style over western. One of the few perks to living in the freezing Green Mountains is access to some pretty famous breweries. The Alchemist's Heady Topper Hill Farmstead's Edward Lost Nation's Mosaic Lawson's Sip...

    2 new Treehopper stands

    Who you kidding? You have a whole tool shed....maybe even a tool wing of the house! [emoji41] Seriously though, these are cool. I think the regular style model has a spot waiting for it in my tool shed!

    I think it is time for a hiatus…

    Agreed, except I have no idea what you are referring to when you see a big red vendor rep flag. I see no such identifier, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Attach a clear commercial label to all company affiliates, that is visible in all viewable formats including Tapatalk, and the vast...

    I think it is time for a hiatus…

    1000% agreed. Not sure why this is so hard to understand. A small thing to solve such a large % of the issues at work here.

    I had strings, but now I'm free...

    Infinite Likes

    DIY “PhantoMantis” or sell my Mantis and buy a Phantom?

    He might be referring to the missing company logo next to your screen name which is required now so Tapatalk users can tell affiliations. Not sure though. Just guessing. Might be something else.