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Recent content by twobiscuit

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    WTS/WTT Fast Eddie Double Pin

    Pm sent Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    What size binos will fit in the harness? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Marsupial gear bino pack

    I'm looking to buy a marsupial gear bino pack. Does anyone have the regular one they'd like to sell before I buy a new one?
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    Notch V3 Quickie

    Interesting little gadget
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    Hinge release from a saddle.

    I have a sweet spot pro I'm gonna try from a saddle. It's got a safety. You might look into it
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    Catalyst Ion

    I have it on good authority that they are making 55 of em.
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    Catalyst Ion

    I did. Can't wait to get it and start practicing.
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    ISO EZV w/200fps insert

    Pm sent
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    Stand versus saddle

    I think both the stand and the saddle have their pros and cons. I use both. I do think it's kind of odd that Dan got a fella that seemed terrified of heights to do his comparison though.
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    What kind of trades are you looking for?
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    Stan xtinction

    Traded. Please close
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    Stan xtinction

    I have a stan xtinction version 2 for sale. I have the boa strap and the stock stan strap. I might be interested in trades too. Let me know what ya got to trade. $100 tyd
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    Nock to it

    Sold. Please close
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    WTB - Stan Perfex long neck or Carter Wise Choice 3 finger release

    This is where I got mine. I got tired of trying to find a used one. They are a great release. I've never had any problems from Eder's either https://www.eders.com/stan-perfex-long-neck-thumb-release-blackout-3-or-4-finger-size-large.html