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Recent content by VaBruiser

  1. VaBruiser

    Under armour wool jacket

    I have this bibs and jacket and it is my favorite late season set. That’s coming from a guy that either owns or has tried most popular brands. Perfect for Virginia weather in the winter months
  2. VaBruiser

    WTB 5MM FMJ in Camo Hunter 300 Spine

    I’m know this is a long shot, but thought I would check here. I’ve checked everywhere else! In 2018 Easton released the 5mm FMJ in a special edition throw back Camo Hunter finish. If anyone has any laying around I will pay today’s prices, and gladly take them off your hands. I’m going to add all...
  3. VaBruiser

    Virginia group chat/possible meet up?

    Virginia folk, I hope you all are getting out and getting after it. Hopefully some of you have made it happen already! Judging by what I’ve seen on social media and talking to friends, it sounds like Nov 9th was HOT in SW Virginia. Has peak rut already passed? Or is this weekend into the...
  4. VaBruiser

    Sitka Bundle ( SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE)

    Besides the pants, I can’t remember what model the other pieces are. The jacket and vest are a primaloft. The 1/4 zip is a thin layering or early season top. All used, but still in good condition. The pants caught a thorn and have a small rip. Just throwing it out here before I put them on...
  5. VaBruiser

    Team 6

    Went maybe 40 yards. Must have hit an artery. I’ll take it!
  6. VaBruiser

    2022 Contest Submission Thread

    5 points for team 6. Terrible shot, but thank god for the MegaMeat magic
  7. VaBruiser

    Team 6

    5 more points for Team 6. Terrible shot, but thank god for the MegaMeat Magic
  8. VaBruiser

    What is this on this deer?!

    I think @Olegrad was right. You google Hydrocyst and it shows other deer lookin' just like this. I bet if you shot that thing it would be absolutely disgusting
  9. VaBruiser

    What is this on this deer?!

    Yeah, the back half of this fella does not look well. That belly has no sag at all. I live right down the road from Virginia Tech, who I believe has a fish and wildlife research program. Maybe I’ll reach out.
  10. VaBruiser

    What is this on this deer?!

    Do we think it’s a growth? Infection? That’s gotta be the size of a volleyball
  11. VaBruiser

    Fs mini beast sticks

    @Vahunter37 you feeling okay? You sound like you might be coming down with something
  12. VaBruiser

    2022 Contest Submission Thread

    13 points for Team 6
  13. VaBruiser

    Team 6

    Count it!
  14. VaBruiser

    Rescue Knife

    While we are on the topic, if anyone has a super sharp knife they want to sell, that I could also use for field dressing, give me a shout.