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2022 OH Gun Buck!


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SH Member
Jun 19, 2022
Fresh coming off of a 2021 season that kicked my tail, with a lot of good deer seen just no presentable shots. So I hit spring scouting hard exploring new public lands, and looking over every inch of my permission property. I knew where the bucks were living and how they were moving…. I just needed to be in the right tree at the right time. I got my camera out on the permission property in mid August and had two shooters right away. Season came and the first 3 days were terrible winds to slip in and hunt my spot so I bounced around on my public land areas and got me a doe for the freezer. The first chance I had to slip in on the bucks was the beginning of October and I saw one that evening but he came from a different bedding area and 60 yards was the closest he came to me. After many hunts through October and a lot of doe and small buck sightings it was finally November! The two bucks I have been getting consistent pictures of have seemed to vanish from the property. I hunted hard the first two weeks of November and saw some great cruising buck activity and had opportunities at younger bucks, but I new if those two bucks could make it through November I might have a shot at them in December. The rest of November played out with a lot of deer sightings but no shooters. I was gone for the main gun season down at my In-Laws but was able to hunt and harvested a small buck. I got back home and hunted the last two days of the main gun season but didn’t see much. I spent the next couple of days scouting and finding where the deer were spending a lot of their time. I wasn’t able to hunt much in December but the 17th and 18th I had circled because that was the weekend gun in Ohio and it was really the last two days I could hunt until mid January. December 15th was the first time in over a month and a half that I got a picture of one of those bucks… he was finally back and I knew the next couple of days was my opportunity to get him. I hunted all day the 17th on the ground just still hunting the property and only saw a few does I was a little disappointed at the outcome of that day but I had one more opportunity at a buck. The next day came and I had stuff to do in the morning so I couldn’t go out and then had an emergency happen so it really messed up my evening plans… so with about an hour of light left I took my gun up to a cut bean field that hasn’t had many deer in it since they cut it in November. I didn’t have much hope of seeing anything, but to my surprise I had a group of small bucks come out with 30 minutes left and I was sitting patiently and with 15 minutes left of light that Buck stepped out into the field and a easy 100 yard shot with the 350. Legend he folded within 25 yards! The good Lord was on my side that evening! Definitely a grind of a season but it ended on a high note.76806179-067C-404E-BA99-9B6F7668F966.jpegD1E9529F-B7A5-4237-A0D2-6A23F4C7A226.jpeg