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2023 Trail camera thread

same here. this is from our state deer biologist
"The rows of spots are interesting. I would guess it is just a generic anomaly, similar to pie bald, melanism, and or an albino. I don’t think it has a name".

really? oh well. might go back into that spot tonight and cant shoot a buck so she might be in trouble. been wanting to tan a hide this year anyway.
Dont have to be a biologist to know that is spinelineatosis. It's a special condition that outlines where you should try not to place your arrow. Stay just to the outside of the lines and you should be good to go.
Asked my brother to set two cameras on south end of parcel and these are the spots he picked. Terrible for inventorying bucks, but cool activity


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This is getting ridiculous. Homie’s using all my free photos. He’s gunna be literal pot roast next time I hunt that stand if he comes out. Im starting to feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.
Wire a 155 bodygripper to the tree and bait the trigger wires with a nice slice of apple or cantaloupe or continue watching the show! Whistlepigs!
Looks like he may need another year to me. I've got a small 8 the same age as him on camera about 6 or 7 times now. He'll get a pass if I see him while hunting.
Just pulled another cam & pic of him. Rack is obscured but it’s definitely him. Looks 3.5 to me. We don’t leave our bows on the hooks for 3.5ers but we don’t shoot 3.5ers like him on purpose. He gets the pass if I know it’s him. Neighbor said likewise. He’s gunna be a cool 4.5 or even 5.5 though. C9361653-E93E-4D42-AFA7-50E09887B4B2.jpeg
I think y'all are nuts
Man I totally agree even though I’m the one talking like a Drury over here (fwiw I like the Drury boys lol). I’m on my home property where I can afford to be picky, and where my relationship with the neighbors who also pass on smaller bucks is critical to much of my success on ANY deer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shot a 2.5YO 6pt on this property and been happy as a clam in sand about it. If this was public or a lesser private where I didn’t have a say in management, it’d be the Easton Express for this guy. I just know there are bigger meaner bucks on the market. But he’s cool no doubt.
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Thought this one got killed in rifle last year. First time I’ve seen him in 11 months



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