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DIY garage deer hoist


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Sep 25, 2014
SELP Michigan
Finally got my DIY deer hoist project done. Had to cut access to the garage attic. Added header boards and framed it with some 1x4’s. The hanger is three scrap 2x6’s I zipped together with deck screws that I can lay across the trusses. I bought a 500lb rated eye bolt from TSC along with a heavy duty 1000lb clip and a 1ton chain hoist to make hoisting easy peezy.

Total cost:
$5 for eye bolt
$5 for heavy duty clip
$80 for 1 ton chain hoist
$7 for framing lumber

About $100





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I did something similar, except I already had access to the attic. I skipped the hoist. I hooked the deer to one end of a rope, ran it up through a pulley and down to the trailer hitch of our SUV. Idled the car down the driveway until the deer was up, tied to secure, and didn't have to sweat lol.

Nice deer by the way!
We use an electric hoist that we got from Harbor Freight. Uses a remote control, just drop it down out of the ceiling, hook up the deer and run him up. Works great!!
I figured access to attic is useful for other reasons.

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Oh, so your just utilizing the access hole you made? I need to do that as well. So much dead space up there
I know this post is 6 years old, but I’m curious if this held up well over time. Still using this system?
Here's one without "above" access, but still can live above the garage door because of ceiling height...


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