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G3D Hip Pinch Eliminator?


New Member
Aug 9, 2022
I am considering trying one but before I invest $40 plus shipping I would like to hear from someone that has used one.

Did it work for you and did it hold up? Was it worth the $40?

Are you having problems from hip pinch? Have you tried different bridge and tether lengths? I found after lengthening my bridge it became really comfy.
I did have a problem at first using an ESS saddle. Since then I have gotten the Lock Down saddle and lengthened my bridge which helps a lot. I got the Lock Down, because I want to climb and hunt with my rappel rope instead of a tether. I am 70 years old and if I have to get down in a hurry, that is one less brain fart for me. The ESS is not made for pouches as far as I am concerned.

Looking at the G3D it looks like it would be very comfortable. I am going to just make one the same length to try to see if it really does make any difference. The only time I get any hip pinch is when twisting and bending down to retrieve my Big Bob one stick. Also if I twist far while leaning.

I put out the same question on other sites also and I haven't found anyone that uses it.