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G3D Saddle Tune Up Event West Michigan 9/25/2021


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Oct 18, 2018
West Michigan
We are excited to host our first-ever event! If you are local or willing to drive to West Michigan, we would love to have you hang with us. We will have all of our products available for you guys to try out and buy at this event. Also, we will have many of the most popular saddles, climbing sticks, and platforms on the market. This event will be a great time to connect with you guys and get ready for the opener on Oct. 1st. Oh, did we mention that we will have event-only discounts and a delicious homemade smoked pulled pork that you can get at this event??

We are also getting some awesome products donated as giveaways for this event! Some of the companies that have committed to donating products are:

Latitude Outdoors, Tethrd, Trophyline, The Hunting Beast, Spartan Forge, Out on a Limb, Wild Edge, Zingers Fletching, Silent Approach/Bullman Outdoors, Backwoods Mobile Gear, Lone Wolf Custom Gear, and more and more as each day goes by!

If you are a vendor and would like to donate something, we would gladly take more donations, as we love giving away products to the community.
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