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Harrisburg show

Just my opinion...
While I want the current saddle producers to be healthy and profitable, I don't really want saddles to go "bix box".
It'll turn into Chinese crap plus it will eventually squeeze out the mom and pop producers that are one of us.
That's what has happened to the rest of the hunting gear market. "Bows" (if you can still call them bows), treestands and other related hunting gear is mostly produced by big marketers that have no idea which end of an arrow gets nocked. Engineers sitting at a desk design the stuff and salesmen sell the stuff. A lot of them never step foot off of the pavement, let alone actually HUNT.

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I bought my first saddle, Trophyline, at Bass Pro. The only one they had on the shelf and it was the last one they said they were getting. Trophyline couldn't meet the price point that Bass Pro wanted to buy them at. I understand the current companies not wanting to get in the big box stores. Actually I hope they don't because quality of the products offered would be greatly diminished.
Okay, this isn't exactly a vendor hosted event, but I thought it might be good if we post a list of vendors that will be attending. It might be helpful to some "gear curious" guys to know who will be there. And it also might be a chance for some guys to meet for dinner or a beer. @DanO, will you be there again this year?
I know Treehopper will have a booth and Mark says he will have lots of stuff there.
Any other vendors on here that plan to attend Harrisburg?
Never been to that one. Is there a web site for more info?