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Hawk helium strap trick

Hey all long time stalker of the forum so I figured I would give a bit of a tip I found regarding those pita versa button straps that you can never get open. Just put a small piece of electrical tape on one side of each strap loop and they will be much easier to put on with one hand.
Have a picture?
The raw picture file is probably too large. Try screen shotting or snipping the picture and pasting that image in.
Interesting. I don't use my hawks any more other than to hold down a bit of closet floor at the back in the gear graveyard, but my trick was to replace the strap with a steel daisy chains. That was the older ratchet straps that stretched though. Looking forward to seeing the photo if you're able to upload, wondering if it's just a bit of tape to stiffen one side, or more of a tab that sticks out