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Hunting App Help


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Nov 30, 2022
I currently use onX. I am having problems with my cell cameras connecting. I searched online and got the gps locations of Att and Verizon cell phones towers near my location. I plotted the cell towers. How can I go on the property I am going to hunt find a spot for my cell phone camera. How can I use the app to draw a line from the tree I am going to hang the camera and the cell phone I plotted 2 miles away. Once I have the line I can orient my camera and app and orient my direction external cell phone antenna in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance.

If I understand correctly, you’re interested in getting an accurate compass heading to point to a known location from some other location. This functionality is something that I had been struggling to find and only after scouring the internet found a solution.

If you’re on iOS, there’s an app called “Crowsflight”, which will visually keep you pointed to a logged location via compass, which you can input by dropping a pin at a location or entering GPS coordinates. No matter if you go off course a bit, it’ll adjust and give you a new heading in real-time. It honestly looks like someone’s senior design project, but it provides a service that I’ve found no replacement for. It’s great. I use it more than any hunting app anymore.
Tools also has compass mode. Draw your line, put yourself in compass mode in the app, should be able to work it from there.