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Improving my SRT setup for elk hunt


New Member
Sep 29, 2020
Hey all,

I did my first saddle hunting back in 2020 and got some help on here with my SRT setup. That year I shot a nice mule deer out of the saddle with my longbow. I really loved how much freedom of movement I had when the shot opportunity came. In that instance I was actually in a Russian olive about 15 feet up that I climbed using tree limbs. After I climbed into the tree 4 or 5 does came in and bedded right under it. The buck came in and chased a doe around the tree for 5 minutes or so. I never would have been able to treestand that tree due to it's complicated lower limbs, and I was impressed with how quiet the saddle experience was. I moved around a bunch to get the shot and they never suspected me.

I'm getting ready to do a solo archery elk hunt, and all my best archery experiences have been in trees - so I want to give the saddle a go for elk.

I'm using a 50 ft section of Petzl rope, throwline to get it onto the tree, and girth hitching the trunk and a limb crotch. My biggest issue has been difficulty getting the rope into the tree because it's getting stuck on rough pine or fir tree bark as I pull it up. Are there any tricks to this? Rope types that slide better than others? The way my rope is setup is with a loop tied on a figure 8 on the girth hitch end, and an overhand knot on the tag end to attach my throwline to so I can pull it up. I saw a video recently where the guy had the tag end secured with a fancy knot so that the tag end of the climbing rope was straight. I think that is one thing I could do to reduce friction if I can figure out those knots.

Also if anyone has hot tips on how to locate wallows, I would love to hear them. Or other elk hunting tips generally. I have located a few spots that I like because they have lots of water, game trails, and elk bones - but so far no obvious classic muddy wallows or really fresh sign.