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Knot buttons for soft shackles

Allegheny Tom

Well-Known Member
SH Member
Feb 4, 2018
Western Pennsylvania
Anyone on here soft shackle users?
I've been watching some Amsteel YouTube vids by Jeff Myers and I started getting interested in soft shackles. Shackles can be used to take the place of light duty carabiners. Seems like there could be a lot of uses for soft shackles, not just saddle hunting, but for a lot of day to day needs.
But the thing that intimidates me about making shackles is that complicated button knot.
But Jeff has introduced a "knot button" that takes the place of a button knot.

These are for 7/64" Amsteel so I'm not sure I'd use 7/64" in place of a full blown carabiner in a life-supporting tether, etc.
But heavier duty soft shackles are used in some very demanding conditions like off road 4x4 enthusiasts. They use soft shackles to pull 5,000 lb vehicles that are stuck.

I just ordered a 15 pack of these from Jeff and I'm eager to see just how many uses I can come up with.
Check out Jeff's YouTube channel for a ton of videos on splicing Amsteel, knots and hammock camping. Even if you have no use for shackles, you'll still find a lot of great tips on splicing. The guy is pretty creative.