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Montana Spring Bear

Feb 25, 2021

I'm planning a spring bear hunt in Montana this year. I've never hunted Montana or bear. I've been wanted to do this for years now and forcing myself to just get out and do it! Anyone here do this hunt before? Looking for general info on area of the state and habitat.

Thank you!
I don't know as much about season dates as I did when I lived there. I also only have general ideas of population density based that 1985 to 2010 time period. Things could be different.
There were the most bears at that time in the northwest part of the state. Think Kalispell and go west or north of there.
I'm sure you're going to find heavy timber and rugged country and bears in that country, but seeing those bears without bait or dogs is a Longshot.
I always saw more bears in the country south of there (not many sightings) in June more so than May.
Good luck!
Swan Valley has lot's of bears. Most of it public. Beware though. Big brown ones live there as well as the black ones! I've seen bears in the Little Belts but I think populations are higher in the NW.