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Next generation - start them early

My son got this one yesterday afternoon. These are the most fun hunts.

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Daddy has a great head of hair!
:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Brings back some memories. When my daughter was young I had a coworker close friend (now passed) who was "follicaly challenged". My daughter drew a picture of us together once very similar to this picture. In that picture she drew, and labeled him, with a full head of very purple hair. He was proud of the picture and kept it pinned on the peg board over his desk.

Fast forward about a decade later and he and our administrative aide had a small bet about something, I can't remember all of the details but he would win the bet if he produced a picture of himself with a full head of hair. He walked back to his desk, grabbed that picture and produced it to win the bet. She couldn't argue, the picture portrayed a guy with a very full head of purple hair that was clearly labeled as being him. :tearsofjoy:
After he passed I reacquired that picture and I think I still have it somewhere around here.
Good part of the day was spent thinking I was with a Chatty Cathy doll whose string was stuck but he’s learning and showed me things. Perfect time to not worry about quiet, teach a bit, and encourage. We learned to
step over anything you don’t need to step on (helped by a fall) and that next seasons hunt begins now. He put in miles and didn’t tell me he was tired or cold until we got back to the truck!IMG_6414.jpeg
Lol @Dope on a Rope I think that might be a hat, though I do still have...most... of my hair. Too true that I carry too much @Weldabeast , particularly when they come along and I bring books and snacks and art supplies to try to keep them quiet (not successfully). I'm pretty sure my older one drew this while we were in the blind, the 6 arrow quiver is accurate @Blacksmith , though the deer I was going to shoot was... A fictional addition, so none of those arrows were used. lol we didn't see a thing that sit but it sure was fun and id carry 50 lbs of crap and a blind and 3 chairs into the woods in a heartbeat any day they want to come with me in the future.