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Recon tree saddle bridge mod


New Member
Nov 8, 2021
I want to change out my webbing bridge on my recon tree saddle for a adjustable rope bridge, a few options but primarily looking at the whoopie amsteel bridge by amsteel guy through EWO or the Amsteel rope bridge by Cruzr. Primary reason for changing out easier adjustability, can tighten if wearing in to help keep from sagging, and trying out 1 sticking and think shorter bridge would be better. Any thoughts, experience, feedback welcome and appreciated
If you're going to be trying to change your bridge length after being weighted, it's going to take two hands! That's just an Amsteel thing. I personally prefer adjustable bridges, but I stay with 8mm rope bridges.

Which bridge did you change to? I am planning to swap my recon to something more adjustable before this season too
Just a rope tied on with a hitch on my left side and a prussik knot on the right side. Run through the circular bridge plates. I can tighten it down all the way and it doesn't interfere with walking when heading in to hunt.