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shortening amsteel daisy chains…

Matt Logan

Oct 9, 2020
Ive got 8 ft daisy chains “tethrd versalinks” for my climbing sticks, they hardly get used over my rope mods because theyre so damn long.

has anyone shortened theirs or know the correct way to do it and not ruin them or make them un-safe?

i have a fid/splicing kit if that makes it easier…


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New Member
SH Member
Jan 2, 2021
NE Ohio
I'm not familiar with tethrd versalinks specifically but I DIY'd my own daisy chains. If the end is finished with a bury (will be fatter than the rest of it) you should be able to unbury them and just work backwards unsplicing as you go. When you shorten as much as you need to then just re-bury the ends. If you watch a couple videos on how to do a locked brummel splice it should make sense how to unsplice it.