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Thumb Buttons and Stealth Strips


New Member
May 10, 2017
So I just switched to the Stan SX3 thumb button release and LOVE IT!!
It’s tightened my groups up like crazy!
But I’m struggling with two things…
1- This thing is SHINY!! Like I don’t think I can bring myself to load it on the D-loop and leave it hang for fear that the deer are gonna see it flashing and pick me off!
2- This thing is SLICK!! Like I feel like it’s going to slip out of my hand any second!
So my question is… Has anyone ever put Stealth Strips or vet tape on anything on their release?
Interesting idea. I have not but it would probably help with cold a tad too if it stayed put
I mole skinned the inside of finger wells on my last handheld. It helped tremendously with the feeling of slippage
I used some camo vet tape on my Scott releases. I did mine mainly for grip. They were pretty slick before, especially for my sweaty hands.

Just be careful on a thumb button not to cover any of the hinge parts or open areas to where it would impede function or prevent it from cocking all the way.



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Give to LWCG, their deer see broadheads shining in the sun (I’m kidding, kinda). I’d scuff it but Leuko tape would be good too.
If you can stomach the thought, scuff it up. I take some 220 to my thumb releases.

I had a shiny aluminum recurve riser that I wanted to be matte/satin. I wet sanded using fine steel wool and was careful about pressure and sharp corners. It looked almost factory afterwards.

I just went really slow and evaluated the work (why I used wet bow and steel wool).
I put grip tape on my Nock 2 it to help with the release slipping