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TX5 minimalist 2.0 setup


SH Member
Aug 7, 2023
TX5 minimalist 2.0 setup

Good morning guys just wondering if any of you guys run the saddle and what y'all's current setups are or any add-ons that you might have done this is what I have so far


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I am currently running the 2.0 with the pouch it came with on my front left and I may or may not have a tethrd rope drop thing that I like but don't like. It could of been done better and I would replace if I can or when I find something. I will say the bag itself has enough space for spare beaners my mad rock and tether with ropeman so. There is that. Holds more rope then I have (40') so can't really complain but like I said. Idk how it could be done betterm but it's at my 5 o'clock position and the rest is in/on my backpack/chest