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    TEAM 10 Discussion Thread

  2. Bama_Xander

    Illinois Chain-O-Lakes SP & a hunter named Brandon

    That is super encouraging! Unfortunately I had the opposite happen on my last hunt. I was in my tree and a guy came through at 3:30 in the afternoon bumbling through the woods. I tried to wave him off but he just kept coming. He stopped at the bottom of my tree and I was like, "What are...
  3. Bama_Xander

    TEAM 10 Discussion Thread

    Praying for you and your daughter.
  4. Bama_Xander

    New from North Alabama

    WHATS UP! Welcome to Saddle Hunter! Long time no see. Glad I could help you out. Let me know if you want to get together sometime to scout or hunt.
  5. Bama_Xander

    DanO double steps on Midwest whitetail

    It could also just be the landowner's gear where he was hunting.
  6. Bama_Xander

    7 1/2 year old buck

  7. Bama_Xander

    TEAM 10 Discussion Thread

    I wasn't the only one who thought tomorrow was going to be a good day. My morning spot was more of a short scout mission and I bugged out at 8:30. I had to drive about an hour to my mid-morning-evening spot. When I arrived at 10:30 to my mid-morning thru afternoon spot I was going to kayak in...
  8. Bama_Xander

    Help! Forgot which is the tether and which is the lineman belt

    They released a video today to help you out ;)
  9. Bama_Xander

    TEAM 10 Discussion Thread

    I have a good feeling about tomorrow. Got two sweet public land spots to hit for morning and the mid-day to evening. It’s going to be cold and a North wind. I don’t want to jinx it, but something is going to die. I feel it in my bones. No Rutcation in Bama for at least another month and a half...
  10. Bama_Xander

    MS/TN checking in

    No, I was noting me in Bama would soon be your neighbor to the South. I am in Madison/Huntsville area about 2 hrs away.
  11. Bama_Xander

    MR Pop Up and Beast sticks

    I’m like 5’ 8” on a good day with boots on. I do not have an exact height on how high I can get with and without aider. I haven’t measured yet. I’ll try to do that sometime soon and post results. Anecdotally, I have gotten as high as I have needed with 3 sticks so far.
  12. Bama_Xander

    DIY meat hauler/hunting rig

    Does the top of your stick not catch on everything in the woods? Or are you traveling through more open terrain? I used to have Lone Wolf's strapped to my MR Pop up 28 and they barely stuck up a bit and I about left them in the woods because every vine or branch grabbed them, but it is pretty...
  13. Bama_Xander

    MS/TN checking in

    Welcome from Bama your soon to be neighbor.
  14. Bama_Xander

    MR Pop Up and Beast sticks

    Sorry if I just cost you $345. But for real, I really like these sticks. They are quiet and efficient. I feel like they will last. Buy once, cry once. I bought 4 but still have only used 3 max. I hunt a lot of crazy trees that don't require extensive height to get covered. I have made a...
  15. Bama_Xander

    MR Pop Up and Beast sticks

    I tried this method but found my arms being hit and jabbed by the steps pointing towards me. Do you face that problem? If so, how have you eliminated it?