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Recent content by beenhunting

  1. beenhunting

    Tarter Terrain Tough Disc/Culti-Packer?? Review?

    I’m thinking about buying a Tarter Terrain Tough Disc/Culti-Packer and was hoping someone from the forum has experience with this piece of equipment. Or possibly recommendations for another similar unit.
  2. beenhunting

    Another climbing stick rope mod

    That hadn't crossed my mind, but I don't think that would be a safety issue.
  3. beenhunting

    Another climbing stick rope mod

    I was wondering if anyone has tried a rope mod like this? I just used my tether and prusic, but was thinking about doing this with amsteel. I have used the amsteel daisy chains last season, but it seams like I was always in between loops. With the prusic I will be able to eliminate that...
  4. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    To everyone who submitted a deer for this contest I say great job! To the ones who haven’t, I say turn in your man card lol. Just joking, but really if you have season left get out there and shoot a slick head! Let’s go!
  5. beenhunting

    Tethrd Phantom

    I thought that knots in general were not recommended for amsteel. I could be wrong but it looks like they are using a stopper knot on the end of the main rope.
  6. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    Took my son hunting this evening and he got this doe and bobcat.
  7. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    That’s a really nice Arkansas buck right there!
  8. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    @kyler1945 nice buck. Is the JX3 good for gun hunting?
  9. beenhunting

    What's your job

    I'm an outside plant engineer for a small phone company in north Arkansas.
  10. beenhunting

    LWCG Ambush Platform

    $300 is really high in my opinion, but I bet they sellout before noon.
  11. beenhunting

    Would you let it slide?

    I would go for option #2 and pull my camera.
  12. beenhunting

    Public land buck down...

    That’s awesome, congrats!
  13. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    First saddle buck. WMA management hunt with muzzle loader. I was hunting from a ring of steps. Had to take a crazy weak side shot due to limbs being in the way.
  14. beenhunting

    2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread

    Please add 15 points for team 4. 10 point public land buck. WMA management permit hunt with muzzle loader! First saddle buck!
  15. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    Yes sir team 4 boys getting it done!