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  1. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    That’s a really nice Arkansas buck right there!
  2. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    @kyler1945 nice buck. Is the JX3 good for gun hunting?
  3. beenhunting

    What's your job

    I'm an outside plant engineer for a small phone company in north Arkansas.
  4. beenhunting

    LWCG Ambush Platform

    $300 is really high in my opinion, but I bet they sellout before noon.
  5. beenhunting

    Would you let it slide?

    I would go for option #2 and pull my camera.
  6. beenhunting

    Public land buck down...

    That’s awesome, congrats!
  7. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    First saddle buck. WMA management hunt with muzzle loader. I was hunting from a ring of steps. Had to take a crazy weak side shot due to limbs being in the way.
  8. beenhunting

    2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread

    Please add 15 points for team 4. 10 point public land buck. WMA management permit hunt with muzzle loader! First saddle buck!
  9. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    Yes sir team 4 boys getting it done!
  10. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    I got a 10 point this morning. Will post pictures once I get home. Dang phone won’t post pictures for some reason.
  11. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    I have Friday through Wednesday off. Start a WMA permit muzzle loader hunt on Saturday to Wednesday. Weather is looking great for the next 6 days!
  12. beenhunting

    Hello! From south Arkansas

    Welcome from Harrison, Ar. WPS
  13. beenhunting

    1 Non recall ameristeps brand new $20tyd

    I'll take it. PM sent
  14. beenhunting

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Welcome from Harrison.
  15. beenhunting

    TEAM 4 Thread 2019

    Public land in North Arkansas. This yearling doe is my first saddle harvest 26 yard shot. I love my DIY saddle!