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Recent content by Bosey95

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    Happy Thanksgiving 2022 and traditions

    Congratulations! You’re a smarter man than I; we’re getting ready to tote our 1-month old wiggler to our third house of the day. Thank the lord for caffeine.
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    First hunt saddle hunt, and It was a hell of an experience.

    To be able to get on deer that quickly in a spot you’ve never hunted is a huge win. Having the discipline to set reasonable limits for yourself and stick to them in the heat of the moment is even more impressive. Well done, and good luck the rest of the season!
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    No Shame Crying Thread

    Most recently, this song got me the first time I heard it a few weeks back. It’s not so much “why” it made me cry that’s funny - I lost my grandmother earlier this year, and the line about a woman in heaven who “feels so good to be here after all these faithful years” melted me. What’s more, the...
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    Your Biggest 4 or 6 Pointers On Cam

    Had a couple pictures of this guy back around 2016. Of the four guys who hunted this property, only one ever laid eyes on him. He walked past my Dad one night at about 60 yards, and vanished from our lives forever after that.
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    The Shame Thread

    Last summer was the most confident I’ve ever been with a bow in my hand. I put more time into practice and tuning than I ever had in my life, and the improvement in groups and overall accuracy was noticeable. Fall couldn’t come soon enough. I shot at 3 deer last year. The longest of these shots...
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    Lesser Known History

    I’m not sure whether this qualifies as lesser known, but the story of Hiroo Onoda is one of the more wild tales I’ve ever heard. This video series gives a pretty detailed account.
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    New Guy from Ohio

    Howdy everyone, I’ve been lurking around the past few months but finally got around to posting. This place is fantastic, I’ve already learned so much from you all. Though I’ve been hunting for basically my whole life, my brother in-law introduced me to saddles last Fall, and I was hooked pretty...