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Recent content by Bosey95

  1. Bosey95

    Please Close - Hickory Creek Mini Vertical Crossbow

    Owned the bow for about a year. No issues, just decided to go in another direction. Includes stock scope, quiver, and 7 arrows. Three of the arrows came with the bow, and the other four are the mini-specific arrows from Deer Crossing Archery. The clear coat has started to bubble on one limb. No...
  2. Bosey95

    Hickory Creek Koolaid

    I have absolutely nothing constructive to add, but man those aluminum arrows look sweet paired with the mini.
  3. Bosey95

    First attempt at knapping

    This is seriously impressive! Job well done, I’ll definitely be keeping up with this thread.
  4. Bosey95

    Deer Hunting Stories

    This is a great idea for a thread, and you’ve started it out with some high-caliber storytelling. From one internet stranger to another, you sir have skills with the written word.
  5. Bosey95

    Excalibur Mag Air vs. Hickory Creek Mini

    This was my experience as well. I’ve only had my mini about two months, but it’s been dead on since I initially sighted it in. They actually include a lock nut on the end of the stock as standard now, which was a common mod folks did to snug things up and prevent any wiggle between the stock and...
  6. Bosey95

    Off season- Just curious what do most of you do between Deer seasons??

    I like to pretend I’m a gardener. It’s also time to catch up on all the household stuff that my saint of a wife has been patient with me putting off all deer season. This year’s mission is a bathroom addition.
  7. Bosey95

    Arrow naming

    Last year I wanted to mix it up and do something other than just numbering, so I drew shapes on the vanes instead. I wouldn’t recommend it though; somehow, it had the effect of turning every arrow into a flyer the moment it was flung toward a deer. It’s the only logical explanation for my 3 misses.
  8. Bosey95

    Ever seen a black raccoon?

    That is cool, thanks for learning me up. Is a fisher coon pelt worth any more than a regular one?
  9. Bosey95

    Ever seen a black raccoon?

    Albino critters fascinate me. I had a buddy growing up who killed an albino squirrel one year. I think I was more excited about that than I’d have been if he’d killed a Booner.
  10. Bosey95

    Ever seen a black raccoon?

    That is wild! What a sight, sounds like something out of a cartoon.
  11. Bosey95

    Ever seen a black raccoon?

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s the perfect accessory for my two month old daughter!
  12. Bosey95

    Ever seen a black raccoon?

    No deer this morning, but I did get a chance to break in the Mini when this chunky fella came running through. I’ve never seen one with so much black fur. Most of his tail didn’t even have rings, it was just black. Anyone else come across one before?
  13. Bosey95

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022 and traditions

    Congratulations! You’re a smarter man than I; we’re getting ready to tote our 1-month old wiggler to our third house of the day. Thank the lord for caffeine.
  14. Bosey95

    First hunt saddle hunt, and It was a hell of an experience.

    To be able to get on deer that quickly in a spot you’ve never hunted is a huge win. Having the discipline to set reasonable limits for yourself and stick to them in the heat of the moment is even more impressive. Well done, and good luck the rest of the season!
  15. Bosey95

    No Shame Crying Thread

    Most recently, this song got me the first time I heard it a few weeks back. It’s not so much “why” it made me cry that’s funny - I lost my grandmother earlier this year, and the line about a woman in heaven who “feels so good to be here after all these faithful years” melted me. What’s more, the...