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Recent content by Cknpro

  1. Cknpro

    Hunting Spot Getting Logged. Advice?

    On our place (mountainous hardwood forest) we’ve had loggers in it twice in the 30 years I’ve been hunting it. In my experience, if they get out by September, it will be fine (we open bow season mid-Oct). The last time, they got out mid-Sept and it was not a problem either. It will change the...
  2. Cknpro

    Treehopper bolts/ best way to find the holes in the dark

    I use black anodized machine bolts with Allen heads (get them from Fastenal) - I‘ve left them in trees multiple years and no rust. I would have to use the Allen wrench the remove them, but still good to reuse. I bought a large bag of them prolly 15 years ago - before prices went haywire….
  3. Cknpro

    using sticks to go up, platform to hunt, but rappel down

    Exactly what I do 90% of the time. If I don’t use aiders, I might climb down on the sticks.
  4. Cknpro

    Comfortable Saddle for Big Guys?

    Flat Branch Outdoors’ Solitude II
  5. Cknpro

    Treebolts revisited

    I started using bolt set-ups for hang-on stands many years ago. I had 4-6 set-ups on my property. I would remove the lower 4 bolts and carry them with me. That way no one could easily steal my stands. I have not tried this method with saddle yet but plan to this coming season. I used grade 8 cap...