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Recent content by cspot

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    Crossbow Tree Hanger

    I am the same. Vertical bow feels more comfortable on my left side. Crossbow I like on the right side. I use the same hanger.
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    Tell me why weight is so important!!!

    Another thing with weight is where you are carrying it on you. I fooled around trying to get rid of carrying a pack and carrying the stuff on me. The issue is the "perceived weight" didn't seem any different than carrying the pack even though my setup was likely a couple pounds lighter. The...
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    Tell me why weight is so important!!!

    Some people like to chase the weight. I want to comfortable while having something that is compact and relatively lightweight. I dropped 40lbs in weight (personal not gear) this year and worked out alot. That made alot more difference than the weight difference when I went from a climber to a...
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    Rappeling Setup

    I use the Grivel Master Mono Belay with a Beal Jammy as an autoblock
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    A plug for an Amsteel gear strap

    I did the same except I made mine from either 3/16 or 1/4" amsteel. Then I can use it for a backup tether or linesman belt. I kept both strands of each loop the same length and I can still hook stuff on it. Instead of the Camjam, I just girth hitch it around the tree and use a biner so it...
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    Use permanent stick ladder with your saddle?

    I haven't done it yet with the saddle but I have thought about buying some cheap climbing sticks after the season when they are clearance just to do that. Would make it quicker for me to setup for an after work hunt on the private that I hunt on. I wouldn't hesitate presetting sticks now for...
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    Trophy line mission sold out again...

    I agree. The backpack straps aren’t impressive at all. I didn’t even put them on. It does pack well on the x2. You put it on a tree yet?
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    Trophy line mission sold out again...

    From what I saw on Facebook they will keep going on sale every few days, so I would check the website often. I believe they said they already sold what they projected selling for this year.
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    A fall noted on facebook. A comment I saw.

    That is what I like about my Beast Sticks. Those things really bite hard.
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    Trophyline mission

    I hang mine off my saddle to go up the tree.
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    Trophyline mission

    Got a few hunts in this past weekend with the Mission. I love that platform even more after spending some tree time with it. That things really sticks to the tree and doesn't move (reminds me of my Beast Sticks). Don't even have to toe cam it to get it to do it either. As far as platforms I...
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    Too much gear!!!

    Had a caterpillar land on my neck one morning squirrel hunting and man was that painful. I didn't realize that they could cause so much pain. My neck was hurting for quite a while.
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    Too much gear!!!

    Usually for an afternoon hunt I am running in after work. A snack and a small drink is nice to have to hold me over especially in early season when it is hot and I won't eat dinner until really late. A little puzzled at why you take a kill kit with you. I rarely take one in as I prefer to...
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    2020 Southwestern PA meet *REDO*

    I was unable to make it but heard that a guy fell and broke his femur that required surgery. I don't know any details, but a local guy texted me about it. Hopefully he is ok.