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Recent content by KYRanger

  1. KYRanger

    Cam Cleats/One Sticking - Heavy Person

    I never had a problem with this cam cleat and connection. I actually think it’s better. I am 6’2” 245lbs. I still have the stick but am currently using an EWO stick with the Ultimate platform.
  2. KYRanger

    First saddle deer (Iowa buck)

    Fantastic buck!
  3. KYRanger

    Kifaru Duplex Lite vs Duplex Tactical?

    Yea, I was looking hard at the 357, but it’s big! I had decided on the 22mag if I went the frame route. Good points about the 357, I may chew on it some more as my stuff doesn’t ship until mid December. Thanks for input and advice. I appreciate it.
  4. KYRanger

    Kifaru Duplex Lite vs Duplex Tactical?

    Well, I ended up straying from the frame pack. I really liked the 22mag, and appreciate JCLINE84’s input and videos. Helped sway me towards Kifaru. I still wasn’t sure I wanted a frame and pack system for the type hunting I do. I wanted something a tad smaller and with an internal frame. I’m...
  5. KYRanger

    New Aerohunter saddle?

    Quick update. After a second hunt, where I was on a different bark tree, and was navigating some limbs, the integrated web bridge was a little challenging. Not that it was integrated, but more of the web belt itself. I felt the web material was hanging up when trying to move it up the tree...
  6. KYRanger

    Kifaru Duplex Lite vs Duplex Tactical?

    @JCCLINE84 Thanks for honest input. Cordura can be stiff and noisy but watching your videos the material seemed pretty soft. You guys have me looking hard at the 22mag, but not sure I need a framed pack, so chewing on the 357 mag or possibley the Shape Charge with internal frame. 357 mag may...
  7. KYRanger

    Kifaru Duplex Lite vs Duplex Tactical?

    @JCLINE84, I haven’t had a Kifaru pack, but I have had a few of their pouches. How is the fabric and zippers? Are they noisy?
  8. KYRanger

    Backpack Build

    Looks good. I like kifaru pouches, but those pouches might be a bit noisy. I bought two to try on my saddle and the material was pretty loud. I do like the pouches though. Your pack looks good. Nice job!
  9. KYRanger

    New Aerohunter saddle?

    Okay, so I actually gave the Shrike an honest test tonight and hunted for about four hours. I have been using my Kestrel Flex since it cooled down, but tonight was around 50 degrees so I gave the Shrike a try. Here are my thoughts: Pros: - Lightweight - The Shrike (gorilla mesh) weight feels...
  10. KYRanger

    Michigan Man Charged With Poaching Deer

    I’m glad they caught him. And I’m glad they publicized it. Most of these poachers never get caught, which is why they continue. When a poacher is caught, they need to blast the headlines so hopefully others notice and think twice before poaching. Now if they could only catch a few thousand...
  11. KYRanger

    New Aerohunter saddle?

    It is true that you can fit a carabiner into the loop and likely two fingers, but I still don't think that the linesman loops are large enough. Yes, they work, but I personally prefer larger, easier to clip onto loops. In the photo posted by ENKRISS, he is kind of demonstrating what the hunter...
  12. KYRanger

    How many one stickers also hunt from the one stick vs. carry a platform/ROS?

    I have been using my EWO with UP most of this season. I added four steps that I deploy on occasion, depending on the set. Currently I am hunting a piece of private land that has very few locations where I can hunt from an elevated position. Very brushy and thick. So with the limited...
  13. KYRanger

    Anyone gun hunt out of there saddle?

    Did you knock them off while he was knocking her off?
  14. KYRanger

    New Aerohunter saddle?

    My linemans loop appears to be about the same size as the the loops on my Flex, which is maybe the one complaint I have with the Flex. I think those linesman loop should be larger. I have difficulty finding those loops in a hurry when wearing bulkier clothes. I do like the red lining inside...
  15. KYRanger

    New Aerohunter saddle?

    I'll agree to disagree! Under tension, mine don't fold down flat. But maybe I weigh too much. lol. But hey, that's why we have options, we are all different.