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Recent content by PEEJAY


    A tip for us older and heavier hunters

    I was blessed with a superfast metabolism but cursed with horrible arthritis in my right hip by the time i was 26. Skateboarding was not worth the wear and tear. Im going to try this and see if it helps. I can usually only hunt 2 or 3 days in a row before i have to take a few days for my hip to...

    XOP Renegade saddle

    250 for a saddle and a platform. hard to beat. not made in USA though so i will kindly say NO EFFIN WAY. 'merica baby

    *** FOUND***WTB 40 ft of 9mm Sterling C-IV canyon rope

    i got 30...if you can make that work lol

    Is VersaSkins the ultimate camo Koolaid?

    ...most? i need to hang out with your friends lol. i feel like most ar-15 owners dont own dozens of them. i dont have a single friend who owns more than 12. a lot of us have around that many guns but not dozens of the same gun in different colors. Camo doesnt really matter that much to me for...

    Lighted Nocks...

    nockturnals are iffy...half the time the stupid things were broke right out of the package and theyre bulky. Lumenoks in the orange work good and are lightweight and low profile, and replaceable batteries. Glory nocks are easy on and off and work pretty good but they are kinda bulky too i think...

    Doe Down

    My dad hunted probably 50 days last yr and never got a deer. Hes 62 and walked in 1.5 miles with a summit viper on his back everytime and walked out with nothin...every time. I felt bad. So this season i found a huge herd of does and got 2 the first 2 days of the season. Ive been waiting for...

    Not a spiritual person but...

    Man... first time i teared up a little at a saddlehunter post. Thats so awesome bud. What a freakin animal too! I mean that is pretty much a perfect rack. Pops is proud im sure.

    Knee Pads or Cushion

    If im moving around a tree my knees arent touching at that point. I feel like tht would want to swing you back to your resting position wher my tether is. I never really got into ros though so maybe im picturing it wrong. Feet couldnt handle it

    Sold Please Close Tree Stand Hauler - Lock and Walk on a Molle II Frame - $60

    question... do you take it off when you climb the tree? i used to use something like that but i always had to unsnap it leave it under some leaves.
  10. PEEJAY

    Knee Pads or Cushion

    both if im feelin froggy
  11. PEEJAY

    WTB RH single bevel 200g broadheads.

    Looking around before i buy online.
  12. PEEJAY

    First every Pope & Young deer

    heck yea man! weak side across the bridge is a tough shot too! i avoid that like the plague if i have a choice
  13. PEEJAY

    Really stupid question...

    I wear one (top only) with no problems. Keeps the skeeters off me when i dont have a thermacell.
  14. PEEJAY

    Team 8 Thread

    Not cheap but they destroy deer!