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Recent content by pesqimon

  1. pesqimon

    Hello from Central Massachusetts

    Hullo from Hudson MA!
  2. pesqimon

    Battlement From Wild Edge & OOAL

    Podium rules! Oh well kind of tricky to pack but I am getting used to it. Comfy on the tree though!
  3. pesqimon

    Help! Tired of Freezing Hands!

    I’m interested to hear other theories. This happens to me too but I don’t think it’s especially due to lack of gloves etc. i think it is something physiological. Having to do with being still for so long and then moving and getting blood flowing to big muscles makes your hands cold. Needless to...
  4. pesqimon

    Snap buckles with webbing loops

    Easy enough to sew or get a similar effect using parachord. Maybe.
  5. pesqimon

    Sold! PC. WTS 10 WE Stepps - price drop!

    Sold. Please close.
  6. pesqimon

    Sold! PC. WTS 10 WE Stepps - price drop!

    Have for sale, 10 WE Stepps in good condition. Used for a couple of seasons, steps are solid; ropes are good. Added tape and paracord for silencing and comfort. Can remove upon buyers request. Can include a heavily modified 10 step bag. 5 for $70 TYD (PP FF or add 3%) 10 for $120 TYD (PP FF...
  7. pesqimon

    Hand muff using alpha direct

    Oh neat! Thanks for posting!
  8. pesqimon

    Where to purchase G hooks, straps etc... for Mods

    I am not aware of any load rated ghooks nor does it take much load to deform them so I would not even consider them in any application that is going to hold body weight.
  9. pesqimon

    Horn Hunter G2 ideas

    I’ll watch but what I ended up doing is putting the bow on the pack before putting the quiver on the bow. Made it a lot easier to strap the bow without the quiver attached.
  10. pesqimon

    Where to purchase G hooks, straps etc... for Mods

    Amazon for ghooks. I often wonder why @DanO hasn’t jumped on this.
  11. pesqimon

    Need some input on shot

    Good luck, looking forward to finding out what happened!
  12. pesqimon

    Oplux with TRC distel hitch: how many top wraps do you use for tether or linemans?

    Agree with this. Had a similar issue which turned out to be the knot was no longer dressed properly.