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Recent content by RRussell

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    Sights(IQ rangefinding and Copper john)

    IQ define range finding sight is new and never been out of the box. $100 Copper John TST it wont fit on my bow but a great sight $40 trade for 3/4 finger release
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    Crossbow recommendation?

    The burner wasn't out when I bought mine
  3. R

    Bibs or Pants?

    Bibs....I'm in central NY
  4. R

    Puffball mushroom

    I've watched a few videos and they all said any yellow or discolored spots throw it out
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    Puffball mushroom

    Found a decent size puffball (between softball and vollyball size) while mowing.....Never ate one so what the hell do I do now?!!!LOL
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    Crossbow recommendation?

    Killer Instinct ripper 415. I bought one and love it for it being a lower end price point. It has a metal rail,fast,accurate and knocks a target like crazy. I have killed few deer with it and blown through them all.
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    Airtight storage for JX3? 21"x24"x10"

    I bought one at Walmart and my JX3 just fits in angle from top to bottom.
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    New York Doe tags. How many you get

    7A for me
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    Landowner Hunting Rights and License Costs, State by State

    I belong to a small hunting club in the western Adirondack region of NYS. The yearly dues are cheap and I can use the camp 365 days a year if I want. I hunt 20 minutes up the road on state and county properties and its great hunting for does and the occasional nice buck. With that being said I...
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    Climbing sticks for smooth bark trees?

    I've used helium's and API's with no issues at all.
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    Maine Black Bear From A Saddle

    hell yes....Hopefully you smash the hell out of him !!!
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    Sling options for carbine pump rifle

    Yes I actually plan on grabbing one this year to try out
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    Sling options for carbine pump rifle

    That's what I use on my 760, works great and depending on the situation but if I'm doing a bunch of walking/stand hunting then I use my claw sling,but if I am still hunting,stalking I like a skinny leather sling.