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Recent content by skell

  1. skell

    Saddlehunter.com Member Map - New & Improved!

    Your info went thru and I have it ready to put in. Just haven't had the opportunity. Should be there in the next couple of days.
  2. skell

    Rebuilding a Singer 201

    To answer some of your questions. From my reading, everyone seems to recommend only Singer oil on the older machines. A good cleaning and lube may make a big difference on how the machine is acting. Sew classic (https://shop.sew-classic.com/) seems to be a decent source of parts.
  3. skell

    Rebuilding a Singer 201

    Here's a link to my saved stuff in a Google drive folder. You should be able to open and make copies of anything in there. There's a 201-2 (potted motor) owners and adjusters manual and a doc with some helpful webpage urls. One of the urls is for a page that helps ID the machine from the serial...
  4. skell

    Thumb release to improve accuracy??

    I switched 2 years ago. I use a Tru-Ball Fang 3. I've been really happy with it. The biggest thing I noticed after the switch was I felt it forced me to pay more attention to my anchor point, which in turn has led to more consistency. I didn't have to adjust anything for draw length. And I do...
  5. skell

    Saddlehunter.com Member Map - New & Improved!

    Yep. PM me the location of the pin needing moved and the new location and I'll take care of it.
  6. skell

    Anybody still using DIY saddle?

    Can you buy manufactured saddles now?? :tearsofjoy: Kestrel clone here. Still have a sitdrag and early mantis wanna be. I don't see myself turning to a production model. I enjoy the research, planning, and production far too much.
  7. skell

    Saddlehunter.com Member Map - New & Improved!

    PM me the info on pins needing deleted and what your new location will be. I'll get it taken care of.
  8. skell

    The DIY mission

    I'm not much help on #1. But here are a couple of threads that may turn out useful for #2 and #3 https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/sewing-resources-and-information.6100/ https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/deer-hunting-log.9052/
  9. skell

    Saddlehunter.com Member Map - New & Improved!

    Just bringing the map back to the top. I fell behind on keeping it up to date with the chaos of the last month and some computer issues. It should be up to date again! Stay safe out there!
  10. skell

    Sewing Resources and Information

    Not sure where you are in WI...but this popped up when I searched consew. Might be a decent middle ground... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2224041221237896/
  11. skell

    Sewing Resources and Information

    I would agree with this...in my area (IA) I've been watching the used industrial machine market for a couple of years. I'm lucky to see a used walking foot machine even as low as $700.
  12. skell

    New from Iowa

    Welcome from the outskirts of Des Moines!
  13. skell

    Sewing Resources and Information

    https://www.etsy.com/listing/735806802/thread-100-polyester-heavy-duty Not many options from my looking...
  14. skell

    Doubled up sitdrag

  15. skell

    Heavy arrow build

    We're a complex bunch ;)