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Recent content by skell

  1. skell

    Wild edge stepp lovers

    I'm a fan of the WE stepps. It took me a while to be sold on them. But my initial approach was use them for a full season and then decide. Well, 4 years later they are still my go to. I also like the knaider. That combo has been great IMO. Not quite as fast as some other methods (for me), but I...
  2. skell

    Team 2 !

    That's a scenario I understand. Went through the exact same thing with my grandmother last summer. Same age even.
  3. skell

    Team 2 !

    Sorry for your loss. Take care of the family and yourself. The deer can wait.
  4. skell

    "How 'bout a spelling bee?"

    Came here to post this. First thing that popped in my head when I read the thread title. Glad I'm not the only one!
  5. skell

    One shot, everyone knows the rules!

    Only shot of the day, 25 yards.
  6. skell

    Quick and Dirty Venison Gyros (Inspired by elkyinzer)

    You have my attention! I will be trying these.
  7. skell

    Team 2 !

    Compound for me. But as someone who is enamored by beautiful woodwork... seeing some of the trad bows folks around here shoot has me convinced I will have one some day.
  8. skell

    One shot, everyone knows the rules!

    How about first five this evening.....all at 20. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  9. skell

    Team 2 !

    I'm getting out whenever I can find the time. Like others have mentioned, my weekends are a little rough with sports. Soccer games for one of my boys on Saturdays, and Sundays for the other. They go all the way through the end of October. Then my oldest will start basketball which will mean...
  10. skell


    Thanks for the heads up. The info has been passed to @redsquirrel.
  11. skell

    Worst thing you’ve forgot to take into the field?

    Primer for the muzzleloader. That realization hit when the gun went click with what would have been/would still be the largest buck I've ever taken a shot at at 10 yards. I'm not sure which one of us was more shocked....
  12. skell

    2022 Contest Entry Thread

    I'm in!
  13. skell

    Rutted up deer smell

    Yep...I've definitely smelled it. It's a very distinctive smell. I've run across the smell numerous times close to my spot walking in the dark. Many of those mornings I've had deer come and check out what the sound was after I'm set (I'm not as stealthy as I'd like to be). Before shooting...
  14. skell

    Lurker from Mid-MO

    Welcome from central Iowa. Nice buck!