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Recent content by SomthingOriginal

  1. SomthingOriginal

    The “Missing Link” Pack ... “If Only...”

    I want to securely attach my bow, 1 stick, and predator platform to my pack. I want to walk up to the tree, reach back, grab my stick and start climbing. Bonus points for easy access to bow and meat hauling capabilities.
  2. SomthingOriginal

    New from Nebraska

    Glad this got a bump, missed it the first time around I guess. Welcome from Omaha. I'd be happy to get together and compare gear.
  3. SomthingOriginal

    LWCG Ghost harness

    Interesting that nobody sees a problem with loading a carabiner against the tree. I thought that was a big no-no
  4. SomthingOriginal

    Spend the money of sticks or the saddle.

    It's still work in progress. I've tried WE steps, w/ & w/o knaider/swaider, multi sticks, ameristeps, ROS, predator platform, DIY platform... Still trying to find the right pack but I've settled into 1 muddy pro, predator platform and oplux rope to rappel down.
  5. SomthingOriginal

    Spend the money of sticks or the saddle.

    I started my saddle journey this time last year. In that time I've tried 4 climbing methods, 3 platforms, 4 packs, 2 sets of ropes, multiple mechanical devices and hitches, and 1 old evo saddle. I literally changed everything I carry into the woods except my saddle. I think any commercially...
  6. SomthingOriginal

    Ropeman 1 Ascender: YES or NO???

    I started off this season with a ropeman 1 on my LB and tether. By end of season I've switched both over to tended distel hitches. They're simple, light, and quiet. Now I'm considering using one as an auto block for rappeling. Has anyone tried this?
  7. SomthingOriginal

    What is the most SOUGHT after saddle "thing" for saddle hunting

    The one thing I look forward to seeing is saddle specific clothing options. A pair of bibs that can go on over my saddle and a coat that doesn't bunch up in the front. If the saddle trend continues I think we'll see saddle compatible clothing in the next 2yrs.
  8. SomthingOriginal

    OnX 40% discount

    Camofire has them 40% off today
  9. SomthingOriginal

    Fanatic bibs and jacket???

    I got the fanatic this year. But temps have only been down to mid 20s with some strong winds. In those conditions fanatic does a great job. I think it will work for me down into the single digits. If your bow hunting I don't think you can go wrong with it. It's dead quiet, pretty much negates...
  10. SomthingOriginal

    Team 7 2019 thread

    I've seen deer just not the ones I want to shoot. But I'm running out if time... So this AM if it's brown it's down.
  11. SomthingOriginal

    Black Friday Deals

    Scheels had all the crocs 50% off picked up some lined for $22
  12. SomthingOriginal

    A new WE platform

    It's just stock 6" aluminum channel. So the thickness varies depending where you are measuring from. It's about 3/16" in the web and 3/8" in the flanges
  13. SomthingOriginal

    Masking your sounds?

    I feel like a walking stick it's the most underutilized tool. I use it to do a soft little stomp when I stop, clear spider webs, climb up creek banks, check the depth of water...