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Recent content by SomthingOriginal

  1. SomthingOriginal

    Masking your sounds?

    I feel like a walking stick it's the most underutilized tool. I use it to do a soft little stomp when I stop, clear spider webs, climb up creek banks, check the depth of water...
  2. SomthingOriginal

    7 1/2 year old buck

    Way to get after it. Must be very rewarding, congratulations. Nice write up too.
  3. SomthingOriginal

    Team 7 2019 thread

    They were moving this morning. At first light had a nice buck at 10yds but my bow was still on the ground. Saw about 20 deer 4 good bucks but only the 1 came within bow range while I was setting up
  4. SomthingOriginal

    The call

    If you're moving around deer are gonna see you. Just let it go. It will come out on the wash.
  5. SomthingOriginal

    Make sure your deer is dead!!!!!!

    2yrs ago I shot a basket rack buck in the neck. Thought I was saving meat. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. Sat there for 20 min or so just to see if something else might walk by. Next thing I know my buck jumps up and runs off in to the next county. I don't do neck shots anymore.
  6. SomthingOriginal

    What's your job

    Good for you on getting out. I've been doing it for 18yrs, had a lot of fun but after a while it starts to take a toll on your body.
  7. SomthingOriginal

    What's your job

    Ice cream taste tester... Actually I'm just a union ironworker
  8. SomthingOriginal

    Ring of steps?

    Why not build a plywood platform? Costs $10 and mates up to the steps with same principle as the perch. Cheap way to try it before you buy it.
  9. SomthingOriginal

    A new WE platform

    Sorry guys been busy with family and trying to get a few hunts in. Here's a few more angles.
  10. SomthingOriginal

    Ring of steps?

    I use both. I like to lean mostly but it's really nice to have some where to shift your feet to. Plus the added mobility around the tree. I use a diy W.E. platform with Bullman steps, packs up pretty well and I think it still weighs less than a predator.
  11. SomthingOriginal

    Thumb Release Help

    Try lowering your tether height.
  12. SomthingOriginal

    bad news for me

    Maybe try shooting right handed
  13. SomthingOriginal

    Team 7 2019 thread

    Saw 3 nice bucks tonight. At least I'm in the right place now.
  14. SomthingOriginal

    Team 7 2019 thread

    More buck sign in this field than I've seen all season, I'm in early, and feeling good about this evening
  15. SomthingOriginal

    Found please close

    Really looking for something with a double step.