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Recent content by William74080

  1. William74080

    New member from NE Oklahoma

    Welcome from oologah okla!
  2. William74080

    Saddle success!

    Very nice buck!!!!
  3. William74080

    Saddle material choices

    ^^ I've built 2 so far and both are very comfortable.
  4. William74080

    New toy for free...will it work for saddle hunting???

    If it's an actual adler (durkopp adler) Its a very well built machine. They are your more expensive ones from what I've seen. You should be very happy with it.
  5. William74080

    DIY Platform

    Man those teeth and all... kinda evil looking. Lol. Very nice set up!
  6. William74080


    Let us pray.....
  7. William74080

    Bullman shipping

    Recieved my order on weds. Got a email confirmation in my spam folder as well. Funny thing was the confirmation was date and time stamped 20 min after I posted. Got the product and am very happy with it!
  8. William74080

    Public land etiquette

    ^^exactly. I work 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off normally. Hate the 3 but love the 2.
  9. William74080

    Bullman shipping

    I ordered my bullman ros on Sept. 14th still no shipping confirmation and no number to call. Emailed them and still no response. Any one having same issue?
  10. William74080

    Scale down pdf.

    Cool. Thank u very much
  11. William74080

    Scale down pdf.

    Can some one scale down this pattern to a 26" wide pdf format? I'm computer illiterate...
  12. William74080

    Some of my antler art...

    Man is there anything u cant build??!
  13. William74080

    Pant's or bib in the saddle?

    I like battery powered warmers.. lol
  14. William74080

    Absolute cheapo minimum

    Whay Wayne r said. This is my first year in. I bought enough material to build two saddles for under $80.00. Helps to have a good sewing machine.
  15. William74080

    Raychem heat shrink

    I would call the manufacturer and ask them if there is any negative reactions to the kind of rope your using. Some glues will chemically melt some materials.