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Recent content by Wirrex

  1. Wirrex

    Skinning Deer: Head up or Head down?

    This is correct.
  2. Wirrex

    Tethrd company

    Pro Tip for the kids out there: Don’t light it in your parents garage.
  3. Wirrex

    ESS/Wraptor D Ring Scilencing Kit

    Good solution! It reminds me of the old beer coozie trick on your biners.
  4. Wirrex

    Evolution of the ultralight stands

    Lwhc Improvements: Number one would be reliability. Number two would be making the belt not so snaggy. Number three would be longer and skinnier shape. Number four would be adjustable arms for wider and skinnier trees as well as belt angle.
  5. Wirrex

    Evolution of the ultralight stands

    I would buy one for sure. I snapped my lone Wolf hand climber with barely 20 climbs at 160lbs.
  6. Wirrex

    Team 2 Thread

    Sat with my oldest son on the tower stand for his first hunt ever. It’s the youth hunt this weekend. We didn’t see any deer but it was fun. Hopefully tonight we see something.
  7. Wirrex

    Two panel saddles design: inner and outer panel

    I have flipped my recon back and forth a few times. I just recently flipped it again to the top panel on the inside. It seems to cup better and keep the top panel from riding up when climbing.
  8. Wirrex

    Team 2 Thread

    Yeah fully enclosed and insulated.
  9. Wirrex

    Team 2 Thread

    Slow work by myself but it’s progress!
  10. Wirrex

    LWHC Failure!

    You and me both. Guess whose going to break out the welder. I have a few ideas bouncing around.
  11. Wirrex

    LWHC Failure!

    No structural mods were done.
  12. Wirrex

    Team 2 Thread

    I snapped my lwhc working on my tower stand today… I’m pretty shocked but at least it happened at home.
  13. Wirrex

    LWHC Failure!

    It sucks but I managed to crack my lwhc in two spots today. I have been doing a lot of climbing on it to build a tower stand on 4 power poles. The cracks are close to the middle and outer edge. I stepped onto the center of the platform and it crunched. I knew it was metal failure instantly. I...
  14. Wirrex

    Shoe laces and safety

    Any pics or a video?
  15. Wirrex

    Recon belt mod feedback

    I came to the recon from sitdrags and fleece saddles. I couldn’t find any commercial saddle that I liked better. There still isn’t anything more comfortable than a fleece saddle btw. But I was using bungee belts on those rigs too! It’s basically a third hand that keeps everything where you had...